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(PRWEB) October 23, 2003

EDMONTON, Canada (PRWEB) October 22, 2003 – ToolButton Inc. today released version 1.5 of ToolButton that incorporates a message delivery system allowing marketers to communicate with users in a manner similar to that of email.

California has recently signed into law an Anti-Spam bill that severely limits the ability for marketers to use email to communicate with end users – regardless of the permissions that may exist. California’s SB 186 goes into effect January 1, 2004 and will effectively curtail a large portion of commercial email advertisements sent to or from the state. The intent of the law is to prevent spam but the unintended result is harmful to reputable webmasters, list managers and brokers.

ToolButton resolves the legislative conundrum by providing a delivery channel that is like email – but not email. Text, HTML and rich media formatted messages can be sent to users who have installed the ToolButton toolbar. However, because the message is not transmitted by SMTP email, the California law does not apply.

The advantage to users is control. Users cannot be sent unsolicited messages and can remove the ability of the sender to communicate if the messages are not appropriate.

ToolButton is an Internet Explorer browser enhancement that includes a search bar for 50+ search engines. It provides users with a delivery channel to obtain content from their favorite websites by adding “ToolButtons”. These are pipelines to dynamic and static content from websites of the user’s choice. A ToolButton can include news content, dynamic feeds, blogs, RSS content and menus of important URLs – all available at the click of a button.

“The impending California legislation clearly has good intentions but is directed at the wrong parties. The new law will not stop off shore spammers but will scare legitimate marketers from dealing with users who have clearly indicated they want newsletters, bulletins and other commercial messages”, said Dale Janssen, Chief Idea Creator and President of ToolButton Inc. “The advantage of messaging with ToolButton is that both users and marketers win”.

ToolButton is free for users.


Users and Web Masters wishing to install the ToolButton software may freely download the software at http://www.toolbutton.com. The software includes the ToolButton toolbar and a series of default ToolButtons to demonstrate the flexibility of the software. Users can install ToolButton on computers at home and the office and maintain their same configuration at both locations.

About ToolButton Inc.

ToolButton Inc. (formerly DotComVest Ltd – http://www.dotcomvest.com) is the publisher and holding company of Information Technology orientated web sites including:


Roaring Penguin Software Inc. Releases CanIt 2.0 Anti-Spam Solution

November 25, 2003 (PRWEB) November 25, 2003 –

spam solution, has been made more powerful with a major new release. Roaring Penguin Software today announced availability of CanIt 2.0, which provides enterprises, campuses and ISPs with additional features, functions and options for spam and virus filtering.

CanIt 2.0 further empowers IT administrators by incorporating statistical spam-detection techniques (popularly known as Bayesian filtering), greater spam detection sophistication, a web-based interface that can match the look and feel of an enterprise’s website, and numerous new features that make administration of the solution even simpler.

“By learning what is or isn’t spam, CanIt 2.0 is sophisticated enough to stay abreast of new spamming techniques,” said David Skoll, President of Roaring Penguin Software, Inc. “In addition, Bayesian analysis, a probability-based technique, makes it more difficult for spammers to reach users. With CanIt-PRO, individual end-users adjust spam protection to suit their particular preferences while the Bayesian filters learns each individual’s unique definition of spam.”

In addition to statistical filtering, the new release includes numerous administrative enhancements. “Administrators will find that CanIt is even more customizable than before,” added Skoll. “One can now edit or add spam rules in a spreadsheet and import these back into CanIt, saving time and effort. This is helpful for administrators who create custom rules or want to transfer their rules to others.”

E-mail administrators will also benefit from enhanced spam detection features, will be able to configure CanIt to scan for and reject viruses and Windows executable files even if the database server goes down, and can choose to set permissions on individual mail stream settings.

Based on the acclaimed MIMEDefang e-mail inspection and manipulation software, also developed and maintained by Roaring Penguin, CanIt 2.0 offers the industry’s most complete and flexible anti-spam and anti-virus solution. It can be deployed in any enterprise e-mail environment, including on all Linux and UNIX servers. As a stand-alone gateway appliance, it can protect e-mail environments running non-UNIX servers, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.

CanIt is available in standard and professional versions as either a software download or on a plug-and-play appliance. CanIt-PRO is ideal for very large enterprises, ISPs, and campus environments, where control and management of the system needs to be distributed to individual departments or users. A trial version of CanIt can be obtained at http://www.canit.ca/evaluation.php.

About Roaring Penguin

Founded in 1999, Roaring Penguin Software Inc. specializes in providing intelligent computing infrastructure for enterprises. Since 2000, the company has focused on enterprise e-mail filtering, spam fighting and related product lines. Today, Roaring Penguin develops, deploys and supports a range of acclaimed mail-filtering and networking products. For more information visit http://www.roaringpenguin.com. A trial version of CanIt can be obtained at http://www.canit.ca/evaluation.php.


Nationalantispamregistry.com opens its website as President Bush signs the new Anti-Spam regulations into law!!

Hammond Louisiana (PRWEB) December 25, 2003

Today, Nationalantispamregistry.com launched it’s website, an e-commerce service program that will powered by the newly designed http://www.nationalantispamregistry.com ®, creating a faster, easier and more comprehensive way for consumers to stop unwanted spam online. Delivering on the company’s commitment to provide users with the highest quality support on the Internet, NASR is now integrated and has been completely designed with a focus on protecting its customers.

NASR is a major milestone in our protection strategy, as we focus on seamlessly integrating value-added content categories into NASR Web product to ultimately deliver the highest quality protection experience on the Internet,” said Steve Carpenter, Spokesperson NASR “With our new site, NASR has harnessed the potential of world-class support and powerful technology and combined it with merchant spamming information to create an unparalleled protection experience for our users.”

NASR is a new website that utilizes new technology to extract results from multiple spam sources, including:


LaneChange.Net Enhances Domain Name Server Product Offering to Support Emerging DNS Based Anti-Spam Protocols

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) January 9, 2004

LaneChange.Net has announced a major enhancement to its Domain Name Server (DNS) Hosting product that allows clients to take advantage of emerging DNS based anti-Spam mechanisms by publishing DNS text, or TXT type Resource Records for email servers authorized to send email for a given domain name.

“One of the biggest problems in fighting Spam is the Internet email protocol itself. The email protocol assumes that everyone plays by the rules. This is not the case and one of the weakest flaws in today’s email systems is that anyone can send email from anywhere as anyone,” said Robert Schwartz, President of LaneChange.Net. “Email should only originate from the email servers authorized to send messages for that domain name. DNS authentication based protocols will help achieve this goal.”

“Clients can now create TXT DNS records, using our DNS Manager, to further the development and testing of emerging protocols like the ‘Sender Permitted From’ (SPF) and ‘Designated Mailer Protocol’ (DMP),” Schwartz said.

“LaneChange.Net sees Spam and email borne viruses as the single biggest threat to the Internet and we are committed to helping the industry find a technical solution to these problems by providing the key building blocks to our clients to meet this goal” he concluded.

About LaneChange.Net

Established in December 2000, Ottawa, Canada based LaneChange.net provides domain name registration, DNS hosting, email virus and Spam scanning services, backup email and other hosting services to small and medium size companies across the globe from 3 North American based data centers.


Robert Schwartz





Inspector Brown Software to provide free to the public revolutionary anti-fraud, anti-spam program

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) January 10, 2004

“Identity theft, which strikes one in eight Americans – has become an overwhelming problem,” says Rick Brown, CEO of Inspector Brown Software. “Law enforcement can’t stop it; in fact, fraud is growing daily, especially on-line, where thieves based all over the world gain access to our personal details and rip us off. Computer users can’t wait for the government to figure out what to do, but have to fight back and protect themselves. That’s what the Inspector Brown program is designed to do, to combat crime by being truly interactive, in the best sense of the word, with Internet users forming a real community, working together for everyone’s benefit.”

Inspector Brown is stunningly simple in conception. The individual computer user, equipped with the Inspector Brown program, comprises the first line of defense. It is each user’s responsibility to report all websites suspected of any bad or illegal behavior back to the Inspector Brown website. Inspector Brown will investigate these reports, and the results added to a central database. The mass mailing central to the spam phenomenon will, in this instance, work against it, as more and more Inspector Brown users contribute to the database, building a computer community consensus as to the true nature of any particular website, a consensus that is in turn distributed to all Inspector Brown users.

In this way, Inspector Brown is organic, as it endlessly compiles and reviews and learns, growing smarter and stronger. Eventually, with a mountain of evidence and complaints filed against any one spammer or thief, the government and police will have an avalanche of evidence to go after these criminals.

“Imagine when the Inspector Brown community in twenty different states is reporting on the same criminal act,” says Brown. “Then the FBI and police will know up to the minute what is going on, and for the first time, they will have the information they need to stop it.”

Rick Brown is the CEO of both Inspector Brown Software and Hot Salsa Interactive. Hot Salsa Interactive is an innovative technology solutions company with offices in Scottsdale, New York, Hong Kong, Australia, and India.

To download the application, please go to http://www.inspectorbrown.com/products

For more information or a demonstration of the Inspector Brown program, please visit http://www.InspectorBrown.com or contact: Belinda Atchison at 917.660.2225


Norton AntiSpam has been released!

(PRWEB) January 17, 2004

Symantec’s Norton AntiSpam™ 2004 filters unwanted email out of your inbox. Working with any POP3 email program, it filters incoming mail on multiple levels, detecting and flagging unsolicited messages while promptly delivering valid mail. To make your online time more enjoyable, Norton AntiSpam also blocks intrusive pop-up and banner ads.

• Filters unwanted email messages in any POP3-compliant email program by adding a “spam” tag in the Subject field.

• Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Eudora® by adding spam-fighting functions to their toolbars.

• Works with Outlook to filter out junk email from Hotmail® and MSN® Mail accounts.

• LiveUpdate™ automatically checks for new protection updates when you’re online.**

Demand for Netriplex’s 100% Anti-Spam Solution Escalates Data Center Expansions

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 19, 2004

-Netriplex (http://www.netriplex.com) announced today that, due to overwhelming demand for its 100% guaranteed anti-spam solution, it has escalated the expansion of its Boston data center and anticipates completion of its Los Angeles data center installation within the next several days.

“We weren’t surprised to learn that many companies were interested in our guaranteed 100% Spam elimination solution.” said Jonathan Hoppe, Chief Technology Officer for Netriplex. “What did surprise us is the fact that every single company that contacted us has an existing competitive solution that isn’t performing well.”

Because Netriplex EMS is an off-site solution, implementation is completely painless and virtually instantaneous with no hardware or software to install or maintain. Network administrators simply make an MX entry change to point their inbound mail to the Netriplex global network. This type of solution keeps Spam and viruses far away from the corporate network, thus increasing security and drastically reducing bandwidth previously consumed by Spam. The off-site solution also provides redundancy for disaster recovery — something difficult and costly to replicate at the corporate level.

The Netriplex network is comprised of multiple geographically dispersed world-class data centers utilizing up to eight Tier 1 internet backbone providers per location. This global design ensures 100% availability and also provides an unparalleled level of redundancy for Netriplex customers guaranteeing that their mail is always delivered.

Because the Email Management Solution is 100% effective, companies will notice the complete elimination of Spam and viruses within a matter of days, quickly bringing a significant return on investment.

About Netriplex

Founded in 1999, Netriplex is a privately held leading provider of Data Management and eBusiness Hosting Solutions with its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts. Utilizing multiple globally positioned data centers, Netriplex offers unsurpassed reliability, redundancy and connectivity to the internet through eight major Tier 1 backbone providers around the world. Since 1999, the company has doubled in revenues and customer base each year of its operation, and in 2003 the company grew to over 80 personnel with projected size to reach approximately 200 by the end of 2004.



Jonathan Hoppe

Chief Technology Officer


617-249-0143 fax


Oceanic picks local anti-spam software for Road Runner

(PRWEB) February 2, 2004

Oceanic Time Warner Cable has chosen Hawaii-made anti-spam software for its Road Runner business customers.

Testing of the product, made by Honolulu-based Titan Key Software, began three months ago. Oceanic has now begun a free 90-day trial period with a select group of 10 business customers.

If everything goes right, the service will be rolled out to all 5,000 Oceanic business customers as soon as April, said Oceanic General Sales Manager Jerry Stabile.

“Once we’ve determined it will work in a commercial environment, we’ll offer it to all of our commercial customers,” he said.

The service should cost about $ 1 per month per user.

Titan Key is the brainchild of local tech entrepreneur Peter Kay, founder of Cybercom, one of Hawaii’s longest-running Web-development firms. Kay closed his Web business due to changing market conditions in 2002 to begin focusing full time on Titan, which he began developing in 1999.

Titan Key stops spam at the server level before it’s sent, Kay said.

“Most other systems are reactive,” he said.

Titan acts as a shield for Internet service providers. When it doesn’t recognize a sender for a given e-mail address, it responds to the sender’s e-mail server with a “no such user” error message. This indicates the address is not valid and no further e-mail is sent from that spammer.

Most mass e-mail software will then flag the e-mail address for removal, said Titan Marketing Director Chuck Painter. Titan Key goes one step further and sends an e-mail invitation to the sender’s address to determine if the sender is a person. Because most spammers don’t have a valid return address and the ones that do can’t realistically sort through countless numbers of return e-mails to validate them (it must be done manually) the spam process ends, he said.

Much more detailed information about the product can be found online at http://www.titankey.com

“We evaluated quite a few anti-spam systems,” Stabile said. “All were from the mainland, except Titan Key. Our engineers took a look at all of them and Titan’s was by far the best.”

It also was important Oceanic stick with a local company, he said.

“We get better service that way and we keep it in Hawaii,” Stabile said.

Eliminating spam also has the added benefit of increasing bandwidth, he said.

“It really helps us deliver the information that people want faster,” Stabile said. “We are not wasting our bandwidth with unnecessary spam.”

Titan Key’s anti-spam software also appears to be a hit with mainland ISPs as well. The company recently completed beta testing with New Jersey-based ISP and competitive local exchange carrier SNiP Internet and Telecommunication Inc., which has 28,000 subscribers. In addition to SNiP, Titan Key also plans to roll out with Manhattan-based ISP Intercom Online, Kay said.

The long-term plan is to go nationwide with a national provider, said Kay, who currently is running Titan as a virtual company with four other principals. There are U.S. and international patents pending on its software.

Distributorships have been established in Japan, China, Korea and the United Arab Emirates, as well as a partnership with a 150,000-subscriber ISP in Northern India, both as customer and co-developer of a Linux version of Titan Key, which currently operates on a Microsoft platform.

“It’s a very big deal to be selected by Oceanic,” Kay said. “It’s part of a long-term partnership we’ve had since Cybercom’s early days in 1995.”


Managed Internet Service Provider Integrates CanIt-PRO Anti-Spam Solution Into Automated Domain Hosting Services

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) February 10, 2004

CariNet, a provider of turn-key managed server and bandwidth solutions for businesses and Internet service providers (ISPs), has launched a new anti-spam service to its customers based on Roaring Penguin Software’s CanIt-PRO anti-spam solution. CanIt-PRO, a server-side product, is integrated into CariNet’s automated domain hosting system, providing domain managers with fast and simple opt-in/opt-out mail filtering choices.

Steve Wallace, president of CariNet, said, “As a provider of wholesale ISP services, we see just about every aspect of the junk e-mail problem. Within the last 18 months, the drastic increase in the amount of unsolicited commercial e-mail has effectively disabled many customer mail servers. Our customers were begging for a solution to this problem. Roaring Penguin Software’s CanIt-PRO product provided us with the most easily implemented, scalable and cost-effective solution. With CanIt-PRO, CariNet will be able to further increase the level of service we offer resellers. It will help us to improve customer retention and attract new customers.”

Well over 90% of CariNet’s incoming e-mail is spam – more than a million messages each day. After researching various options – including other filtering applications and developing its own solution, CariNet chose CanIt-PRO because “CanIt had all the tools we needed to build the automated systems that our environment requires,” Wallace adds. CariNet domain managers now have the choice to opt in to e-mail filtering with the click of a button.

CariNet was impressed by CanIt-PRO’s flexibility, scalability, and its open-source code base. The initial implementation of two CanIt servers will handle up to 5 million messages per day. The company expects a rapid adoption rate of the new service, and plans to scale its clustered CanIt network to ten servers in total. Wallace says, “Today, the market exists for a convenient anti-spam solution, and as a managed service provider we’re in an ideal position to provide it.”

Based on the acclaimed MIMEDefang e-mail inspection and manipulation software, also developed and maintained by Roaring Penguin, CanIt offers the industry’s most complete and flexible anti-spam and anti-virus solution. It can be deployed in any enterprise e-mail environment, including on all Linux and UNIX servers. As a stand-alone gateway appliance, it can protect e-mail environments running non-UNIX servers, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.

CanIt is available in standard and professional versions as either a software download or on a plug-and-play appliance. CanIt-PRO is ideal for very large enterprises, ISPs, web hosts and campus environments, where control and management of the system needs to be distributed to individual departments or users. A detailed case study of CariNet’s CanIt implementation can be read at http://www.canit.ca/customer_testimonials.php. A trial version of CanIt can be obtained at http://www.canit.ca/evaluation.php.

Messaging Architects Releases the First Multi-Engine Messaging Firewall Appliance: GWGuardian 3.0 delivers complete Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and SMTP protection to the Enterprise

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) February 18, 2004

Messaging Architects, a provider of enterprise-class email security and enhancement software for the Novell GroupWise market, announced today the release of GWGuardian Appliance, an integrated messaging firewall that operates as a dedicated server that shields customers’ email servers from virus, spam and hacker attacks with its 14 layers of security. GWGuardian Appliance leverages the Messaging Architects current third-generation secure messaging firewall software application. GWGuardian’s unique effectiveness relies on an amalgamation of multiple specialized anti-spam engines to provide astonishing results of 98.2% spam catch rate and 99.99% protection against false positives saving its customers thousands of dollars without disrupting regular email service.

“GWGuardian’s multi-layered architecture is designed to reduce the pressure on the most CPU-intensive processes of an organization’s email server. Each one of the scanning stages is intelligently ordered in a way to block spam and viruses at the earliest possible step in the scanning process, yielding maximum CPU throughput to process the more complex, often intentionally malformed messages that manage to get by other anti-spam solutions,” said Charles Nguyen-Huu, Messaging Architects’ eMarketing Director. “The appliance is also delivered hardened and integrates with the McAfee award-winning anti-virus engine to combat the proliferation of new blended security attacks”

The pre-installed and pre-configured system streamlines the deployment process, delivering fast “time to protection” and combining the benefits of an appliance – lower procurement costs, streamlined installation and configuration, and zero set-up time.”We are so pleased with going for GWGuardian+ AV appliance. With the time constraints I face, I don’t want to administer and monitor; I want to just turn a switch and have everything working. GWGuardian appliance coupled with the Messaging Architects Fast-Track Professional Services gave me that. Within two days of discussing my requirements we had a fully working system in place. The installation process was painless and the anti-spam solution is doing exactly what it said it would with zero administration effort on my part,” comments Mick Davey, IS/IT Manager, BSI Management Systems.

GWGuardian Appliance is an autonomous system that is deployed behind the corporate firewall and in front of the email server. It supports clustering for load balancing and emergency failover and is cross-platform compatible with any SMTP-based email server, such as Novell GroupWise, Novell NetMail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.


GWGuardian Appliance is available in two models, Corporate (for up to 1000 users) and Enterprise (over 1000 users), comes with a year of parts and labor warranty, and includes the option of 24-hour cross-shipment replacement of fully configured units. For further information, please visit the Messaging Architects web site at http://www.gwtools.com.

About Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects helps GroupWise users leverage the investment they have made in their messaging and collaboration system through a family of products that help secure, accelerate, and enhance GroupWise. These robust, feature-rich, and easy-to-use solutions extend the boundaries of communication and collaboration among co-workers, clients, and vendors in organizations of all sizes. Messaging Architects also provides professional services to ensure that clients’ GroupWise infrastructures are well implemented, secure, and fully fault tolerant. From anti-virus and content filtering to advanced archiving and synchronization services over 5,000 corporate and government accounts and millions of individual GroupWise end users work with our products on a daily basis. For more information, please visit: http://www.gwtools.com.

For more information contact:

Roumiana Deltcheva

Media Relations

Messaging Architects