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Internet Marketing. Know How Many Overseas emails Bite the Dust Before they Reach the Customer?

(PRWEB) February 8, 2005

Hot on the heels of last weeks announcement from Actif Communications, http://www.actifcommunications.com, comes news of an Interactive Online Tutorial that walks you step by step through an example of the new International email format. Best of all the Global eMail Format, GEF, approach promises to increase deliverability and open rates.

The Tutorial is interactive and contains a detailed description and examples of how a GEF email appears, what links are included and why and then it goes on to inform the viewer of email management implications.

It is important to understand that the GEF email offers much more than a compliant and Best Practice email, it also offers to increase deliverability rates to overseas countries.

If you are in the business of sending commercial emails overseas:

• Do you know just what % of your outbound overseas emails gets blocked?

• Which ISP’s and filters are blocking otherwise legitimate emails because they breach the legislation in the destination country?

For example, it’s a fact that 90% of Australia’s spam comes from overseas countries. The ISP’s can and will blacklist senders if they get complaints and they most certainly do. By simply applying the GEF approach, these problems would dissipate. Better returns and better response rates are the reward.

With GEF, the marketer can be sure that their emails will comply with the Legislation of the destination country and the probability of complaints leading to Blacklisting will diminish. Its a risk management strategy that involves no risk; all that needs to be done is to simply change the email format to include the requirements of the three main pieces of Legislation:


2. Australian Spam Act

3. European Directives

Once that has been implemented, the increasingly savvy consumer will be significantly less inclined to make a complaint and the ISP’s won’t take any precipative actions.

It’s not just the ISP’s, the Legislators from all OECD countries already co-operate on a regular basis and it would seem to be natural that some form of International convention covering cross border prosecutions will emerge.

The Global eMail Format by taking into account the legislative requirements of each of the three major regions and merging them with some generally accepted Internet Marketing Best Practices, presents a solution to this growing problem of variances in International Legislation. Where we had a requirement to have just an Unsubscribe link, GEF adds a Privacy and Anti-Spam link. As a Best Practice a ’View My Profile’ link is incorporated. The period for removing a persons details from your list is 5 days and not 10 as is the case with CAN SPAM. The list goes on and you can learn about it in the White Paper and Online tutorial on the Actif Communications web site:


About the Company

Actif Communications is an Internet Marketing Resource site that offers consulting services and training in Internet Marketing skills and techniques.

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Paul Walker Death Exploited by Cyber-Criminals in Spam Emails

Paul Walker Death Exploited by Cyber-Criminals in Spam Emails
In this case, as you can see in the picture below from Symantec, the word "PAUL WALKER" was added to the body of the emails in order to trick the victims' spam filter. Paul Walker Word Salad. The term PAUL WALKER has been added to the Word Salad in …
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HIV vaccine project turns to crowdfunding on way to clinical trials
An HIV vaccine may be a crowdfunding campaign away, with help from the technology behind email spam filters. Leaders of the nonprofit Immunity Project, based out of a small workspace in Orinda, believe that hacking into the AIDS virus' life cycle and …
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Manager Magazine : DE : Trotz SpamFilter und ausgefeiltem …
… Magazine : DE : Trotz Spam-Filter und ausgefeiltem … Arbeitsorganisation: So dmmen Sie die E-Mail-Flut ein Manager Magazine : DE : Trotz Spam-Filter und ausgefeiltem Posteingangs-Ordner-Management werden viele Berufsttige ihrer Mailflut nicht Herr.
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Auto-Whitelisting Delivers Legitimate Emails Through AntiSpam Filters

Glenview, IL (PRWEB) April 22, 2004

Imagine for a moment if you sent someone an email, they could communicate straight back to you without the fear of loosing their email messages to capture by aggressive antispam filtering. Whitelists may be used to guarantee delivery right through antispam filters. ActivatorMail’s new ‘intelligent’ email servers automatically whitelist using this method, expediting delivery of legitimate emails. This unique auto-whitelisting is designed with the premise that if you send many messages TO [email protected], any message FROM [email protected] is most likely not to be spam.

ActivatorMail may be setup in minutes and works with any standard web browser or email client, like Outlook, Eudora, Netscape or any standard email server, like Microsoft Exchange, Unix/Linux SendMail, etc. The service includes aggressive antivirus scanning and there is no expensive software to purchase and install, saving thousands of dollars in up-front and ongoing expenses.

Industry analysts say money is being lost, customers are being lost and key opportunities are being missed because our best-laid spam efforts are mistakenly throwing the baby out with the bath water. Blocked legitimate email, or false positives, is costing U.S. businesses roughly $ 3.5 billion this year alone, according to a new study from San Francisco-based Ferris Research Inc.

In addition, internet service providers are blocking substantial amounts of permission-based emails, mistaking them for spam. ISPs failed to deliver 18.7% of opted-in emails sent to their subscribers between July 1 and December 31 2003, according to a study by email performance management company Return Path, Inc., New York. NetZero topped the list with the highest percentage of non-delivery at 37.7% of permission-based email, followed by SBC Global/Yahoo at 26.7% and Mac with 26.2%.

Activatormail whitelists may even be installed before hand, before services are ‘turned on’, to assure critical email deliveries right from the beginning.

For more information visit http://www.activatormail.com.

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Mailinfo – Make sure the emails you send are not lost

(PRWEB) October 1, 2004

Mailinfo allows you to verify that your email messages have actually been received and notifies you when the message has been read.

The program seamlessly integrates with Outlook and lets you track all or selected emails by simply clicking a button on the toolbar. It inserts a special tracking signature into the message, which also informs the user about the fact that the delivery has been confirmed, so there is not secrecy involved that could be misunderstood by the recipient.

A new mail folder in Outlook enables you to review the status of all your tracked messages and also provides information about when and where the message was received. In addition, Mailinfo displays a real-time alert from the system tray as soon as your message has been read, and also notifies you of emails that appear to be lost, so you can choose to follow up.

The program is very useful to determine that important emails actually get through to the recipients and have not been blocked by spam filters.

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Over 500,000 Hoax Emails Cripple Solicitors IT Systems Across Dublin for 3 Days

DUBLIN, Ireland (PRWEB) December 11, 2005

Hundreds of solicitors in Dublin were this week crippled when 5 rogue severs flooded out over 500,000 emails to fellow solicitors. This problem was the result of improper server configuration, causing massive disruption. This accident proves the importance of best practise IT set-up and highlights the vulnerability for all companies, large and small, when patches are not kept up-to-date.

The source of the problem was innocent enough. An email marketing was sent by a local publishing company to their mailing list of solicitors. However, when they replied to the email, a flaw within the configuration of their server caused the solicitors Microsoft Small Business Server to send the original email to their entire email database tens of thousands of times. As a result, over 500,000 emails clogged up the inboxs of the solicitors, crashing mail servers, as well as causing huge embarrassment to these firms.

The origin of the email propagation was incorrectly configured servers. None of the solicitors causing the “mail bombing” had installed the particular configuration recommended by Microsoft.

“Although none of Enclave Technologies clients were affected by this problem, our network operations centre picked up unusual email activity on Tuesday morning. We were quickly able to trace servers that were causing the problem and alert the firms involved. Our priority then was to furnish the IT Support companies who looked after these servers with the knowledge to halt this spread of email.” explained Jane Reid, Network Manager, Enclave Technologies. “Preventing the accidental propagation required the implementation of the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) patches KB886208 and KB835734. We would advise any company running Microsoft Small Business Server to ensure these patches are installed to prevent against this problem

The lessons to be learnt are:

Completely Protect the eMails You Receive and the eMails You Sent Out

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2006

Anti-SPAM Guard is a the first product of its kind to (both ingoing and outgoing emails protection). Thanks to a high level of security, you only receive the emails you truly want to read. The program finds and destroys any spam mail, viruses attached to emails, and all other junk.

Anti-SPAM Guard checks the emails on the server, taking only the necessary part of the letter for analysis, saving you time and money. Anti-SPAM Guard is a universal solution for users of Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat, etc. and the users of web servers like Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail or other. If you have more than one account, Anti-SPAM Guard will protect all of them! The program intercepts the letters and marks all the spam mail. Or it can check your inbox from time to time and delete any spam, saving you time and traffic.

One of the parts of the Anti-SPAM Guard is a

Outlook Spam Filter 3.0: Have You Ever Thought That Your E-Mails are Subjects for Spam Check?

(PRWEB) April 21, 2005

Novosibirsk, Russia. SoftLogica LLC announces Outlook Spam Filter 3.0, a Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 add-on designed to keep your Inbox clean of unsolicited emails.

Outlook Spam Filter works under Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and supports Exchange, POP3, IMAP and HTTP email accounts.

Outlook Spam Filter identifies incoming spam messages using Bayesian algorithm. This filtering technology is one of the most accurate and reliable approaches of differentiating spam and not spam messages nowadays. The algorithm applies the results of statistical analysis of more than 30 000 real spam letters.

Auto-learning feature increases the filtration accuracy by analysis of user’s personal correspondence. If some letters from your friends or other good emails were accidentally filtered as spam, you can correct this mistake by marking these letters as trustworthy. They will be moved back to the “Inbox” folder, and their senders will be added to the Friends List. The Bayesian filter will be updated, and the similar massages will be automatically filtered as good in the future. If Outlook Spam Filter was unable to catch some spam emails automatically, you can mark these messages as spam. The Bayesian filter will be updated to recognize similar messages in the future, selected messages will be moved to the “Spam” folder, and their senders will be added to the Enemies List.

You can manually edit the “Friends” and “Enemies” lists in order to choose people from whom you want or do not want to receive mail. The Friends/Enemies Lists may include names, email addresses, entire domains, and wildcards. When you run Outlook Spam Filter for the first time, all contacts from your Address Book are added automatically to your Friends List. The program can automatically add outgoing mail recipients into the Friends List to guarantee that you will never miss messages from your permanent correspondents. You can also create your own list of allowed and banned words and phrases.

What’s new in version 3.0: Have you ever thought that you’re on another side of “spam battle barricade”? Your correspondence is tested by various spam filtering solutions before it reaches the recipients. Outlook Spam Filter 3.0 is able to check your outgoing mail for potential risk of being filtered out as spam. With this new feature you can be sure that your letters will be always delivered.

Note: In contrast to common practices Outlook Spam Filter doesn’t delete messages recognized as spam. All caught spam is moved to a separate folder outside of your Inbox giving you an opportunity to review these e-mails later.

Pricing and Availability: The 30-day trial version with full set of features: http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com/osfilter30.exe. Outlook Spam Filter is priced at $ 29 (USD) per license. Volume discounts are available. We provide free technical support by e-mail and by phone. More info: http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com

Publisher & Editorial Information: IT reviewers are encouraged to use this press release and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a free registration key. If you do not consider electronically distributed software, please e-mail us with the details of your postal address and we will send you a jewel case. CD editors are authorized to include the 30-day trial version of Outlook Spam Filter in their CD-ROMs.

Interface Screenshot, Jewel Case and Company Logo images in printable quality (TIFF, CMYK, 300 dpi):

http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com/outlook-spam-filter-artwork.zip (1.58Mb).

Editorial Contacts: Sergey Petrov, CEO, SoftLogica LLC

Web: http://www.softlogica.com

Tel: +7 (3833) 306-149, Toll free (US): 1-888-364-6797

This press release is available online at http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com/press-release.html


Taxpayer Beware: IRS Email Scams on the Rise — IronPort Threat Operations Center Uses SenderBase Network to Confirm Flood of Phony IRS Emails

San Bruno, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2006

Following a recent increase in scam emails, the Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers to be on the lookout for bogus emails claiming to be from the tax agency. The IRS saw an increase in complaints about these emails, which are designed to trick the recipients into disclosing personal and financial information that could be used to steal the recipients identity and financial assets. This practice is known as phishing.

IronPort Systems, the leader in gateway security, has confirmed an increase in these scams. IronPorts Threat Operations Center identified the bogus email starting on July 28 and has since seen several variants of the email/phishing scam. In the last 12 months 110 different scams have been identified, with 23 of those coming in July and August.

The IRS scam/phishing attack is evidence that phishers are casting a wider net in hopes of luring victims with compelling content. Financial Services continue to be the most targeted industry sector, averaging 90% of all attacks.

IronPort reports phishing scams make up nearly 2% of all email. Total worldwide spam volume equals over 40 billion per day, up 40% year over year.

The bogus emails vary in form but typically claim to come from taxrefunds @ irs.gov. The email tells the recipient that he or she is eligible to receive a tax refund for a given amount. It then says that to access a form for the tax refund, the recipient must use a link contained in the email. The link then asks for the personal and financial information.

Identity theft is among the fastest and most devastating crimes in the United States. In 2006, more than nine million Americans were the victims of ID fraud. Individuals lose an average of $ 6,000 — amounting to over $ 50 billion each year.

The IRS does not ask for personal identifying or financial information via unsolicited e-mail. Additionally, taxpayers do not have to complete a special form to obtain a refund. To check the status of this years refund, taxpayers can to the genuine IRS Web site at http://www.irs.gov and click on the interactive Wheres My Refund feature. Or they may contact the IRS toll-free at 1-800-829-1040 to determine whether the IRS is trying to contact them about a tax refund.

The IRS also has established an electronic mailbox for taxpayers to send information about suspicious e-mails they receive which claim to come from the IRS. Taxpayers should send the information to: phishing @ irs.gov.

As threat writers use constantly evolving techniques to penetrate companies’ existing defenses, email threats have expanded beyond simple nuisance spam. IronPort Anti-Spam combines best-of-breed conventional techniques with IronPort’s breakthrough context-sensitive detection technology, to eliminate the broadest range of known and emerging email threats. IronPort Reputation Filters stop over 80% of incoming spam at the connection level — saving bandwidth, conserving system resources and yielding the highest levels of security for critical messaging systems.

IronPorts 24/7 Threat Operations Center maintains the SenderBase network, the world’s first and largest email traffic monitoring service. SenderBase collects data from more than 100,000 ISPs, universities and corporations around the world. SenderBase measures more than 120 different parameters for any email server on the Internet. This massive database receives more than five billion queries per day, with real-time data streaming in from every continent and network providers large and small. SenderBase has the most accurate view of the sending patterns of any given mail sender because of the size of the database, and conversely the database has remained the world’s largest because of the accuracy of the data.


The email criminal network operates year round. Even though tax season ended months ago, spammers and cyber criminals continue to target your in-box with bogus emails from the IRS. IronPort customers can rest assured that were accurately protecting them against the broadest range of threats. Tom Gillis, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, IronPort Systems.


Sign up here to receive real-time virus outbreak alerts from IronPort Systems

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Resource Guides for Email and Web Security

IRS Press Releases:

IRS Warns of e-Mail Scam about Tax Refunds, November 30, 2005

IRS Renews E-mail Alert Following New Scams, July 7, 2006

About IronPort Systems

IronPort Systems is the leading email security provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. The company has developed a family of email security appliances, the IronPort C-Series, that offer breakthrough performance, unprecedented ease of use and reduced total cost of ownership. IronPort is driving new standards and providing innovative products for those faced with the monumental task of managing, protecting, and growing mission-critical email systems. For more information on IronPort products and services, visit: http://www.ironport.com.

Contact IronPort Systems:

USONYX Launches Unique Singapore Email Hosting Service for SMEs To Manage Business Emails Better

Singapore, (PRWEB) October 24, 2005

USONYX (USONYX.NET), Singapores leading SME-dedicated Broadband Web Hosting Service Provider, has today launched new business email hosting services, called U-MAIL, for SMEs to own and manage corporate emails easily, cost-effectively and with security and future expansion in mind. USONYX U-MAIL is targeted at new SMEs which do not have a web site or the need for web hosting yet.

Developed specifically for non-technical business owners and individuals, U-MAIL users can easily perform basic administration of email accounts using a web browser from the office or remotely on any Internet-connected PC. Through a friendly icon-based web interface, an administrator can easily perform email management tasks such as create/delete new email boxes or aliases, change passwords, allocate storage space, adjust Spam filtering settings, create mailing list, etc.

With up to a generous 5000-MB of fault tolerant email storage, U-MAIL features the latest anti-spam/virus filtering, remote web access, POP3, SMTP, daily backup service to minimize downtime and 24×7 email support. U-MAIL also features a Integrated Mailing List Management software for business owners to constantly keep their customers informed about the latest news and products through email newsletters.

U-MAIL comes in two configurations. U-MAIL LITE is for SMEs which require up to 25 corporate email accounts, and is priced at an affordable S$ 8.88 per month.

U-MAIL BIZ email hosting service allows businesses to create and manage unlimited amount of email accounts. Targeted more at mid-sized companies, U-MAIL BIZ is priced at S$ 28 per month. In addition, U-MAIL BIZ features an optional secure POP3, SMTP, web mail access, which is a must for globe trotting business managers who need to access email remotely from wireless or Internet connection points in public places.

Both U-MAIL LITE and U-MAIL BIZ are upgradeable to a larger disk space or any of USONYXs suite of entry level to high-end integrated web and email hosting solutions. For an additional assurance, U-MAIL customers are guaranteed with USONYXs 30-day Money Back Policy.

For a limited period, USONYX will offer new U-MAIL customers a free Internet domain name (.com, .net or .biz) worth S$ 28.

Alex Gontcharov, Managing Director of USONYX, feels that U-MAIL provides a clear path for SMEs to achieve greater business agility. Emails are the communication bloodline for businesses today. It is almost expected for business start-ups today to have their corporate email up and running immediately as soon as their business registration is done. With USONYX U-MAIL, it will take less than one minute for businesses to activate their corporate emails. We look forward to launching more innovative hosting solutions to support our commitment to provide world class web hosting solutions to local businesses and reseller channels, he said.

More information about USONYX U-Mail hosting plans, visit: http://www.usonyx.net/umail


USONYX is a leading Asian Broadband Web Hosting Service Provider for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME). The USONYX.NET platform, built on the state-of the-art Singapore ONE broadband backbone, offers secure, reliable and comprehensive VPS, Dedicated and Shared web hosting solutions and email hosting services with unmatched price performance.

USONYX’s world-class fully automated infrastructure, broadband network and 24×7 technical support enables customers and resellers to develop and sustain a strong web and email strategy without costly investments in hardware, software and IT staffing. USONYX Broadband Web Hosting Service not only powers rich web applications and manages data for Asian businesses; it is also a gateway to global businesses, customers and networks.

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Kong YM


Tel: +65 9763-1557