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“CleanMyMailbox Helps Legitimate Email Publishers Survive the Dreaded Spam Filter”

(PRWEB) March 31, 2003


March 31, 2003 – – Jefferson City, MO – Net startup CleanMyMailbox.com announced today the debut of a new tool that allows legitimate email publishers to pre-check newsletter content for spam filter stealthiness.

The new Windows program, named Filter Breeze, is easy to use and features a continuously-updated trigger word/phrase database that streamlines the ability to prevent newsletters from getting caught in the various spam filters on the market today.

The Windows program is a mere 44k bytes in size and contains a link to the updated trigger word/phrase database which can be downloaded and refreshed at any time. The database is updated continuously, based on on-going analysis of existing spam filtering technologies.

CleanMyMailbox also offers a free SpamAssassin(tm) add-on tool that allows users of the popular SpamAssassin(tm) filtering engine to generate and edit SpamAssassin(tm) user_prefs files – it’s mechanism for customizing how SpamAssassin(tm) filters individual user mailboxes.

CleanMyMailbox even offers a server script that produces a realtime interface to the SpamAssassin(tm) user_prefs file, allowing one-click whitelisting / blacklisting – right from each user’s mailbox.

One thing is for sure, CleanMyMailbox is committed to minimizing the effects of unwanted email. It produces better tools for combatting the growing deluge, while not endangering legitimate email delivery.

About CleanMyMailbox.com

CleanMyMailbox.com is a wholly-owned private division of Permission Technologies. Located in Jefferson City, MO, the company is devoted to the principles of permission-based email marketing and to providing Internet technologies that optimize the use of email.

Contact: Joe Halbrook, CTO Permission Technologies

Email: mailto:[email protected]

Phone: (573) 690-4618


Xwall 3.26 SPAM filter adapts to new tricks

(PRWEB) April 1, 2003


<body><body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” text=”#000000″><p>Xwall stays on top of SPAM reacting fast to new developments. The newest version of Xwall was released on March 28th. Current owners of Xwall can <a href=”download&gt” onclick=”linkClick(this.href)” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.ceratec.net/xwall.htm”>download</a&gt; the update free of charge</p><p>V3.26 features an even stronger Bayesian filter. This filter is a valued SPAM fighting tools to many IT professionals. A Bayes filter can learn from experience. The new Xwall version features a Bayes mailbox. Simply forward the SPAM email to it and the Bayes filter ads the information to it’s database. Every message read by the filter is marked with a probability factor (1-100) of being SPAM. The administrator can adjust the trigger point to avoid false positives.</p><p>Lately SPAM appears with a harmless headers and external attachment. Xwall allows you to block these messages. If your favorite newsletters happens to use this method just enter them in the white list (exclude) to keep them coming. Other enhancements include blocking of files with double extension (filename.exe.txt), additional options to handle detected SMTP messages. Xwall now includes in the statistics SPAM sent from with in you company. This comes in very handy if your domain gets accused of sending Spam. Visit the <a href=”Xwall” onclick=”linkClick(this.href)” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.ceratec.net/xwall.htm”>Xwall page</a> to read about all new features.</p><img src=”http://www.ceratec.net/images/xwall326.png” width=”360″ height=”189″ align=”left”><p>Xwall is an excellent choice to control junk mail and eliminate SPAM. Xwall is Microsoft Windows based and supports all versions of Microsoft Exchange and most SMTP mail servers. It’s many filters and exclusion tables allow custom filtering to match the needs of your company. In addition Xwall can take advantage of popular RBL and SPAM lists like Spamcop and others. The success story of Xwall is a simple one: Performance, support and a fair price.</p><p>In the US and Canada Xwall support is offered by Ceratec Inc. You can find more information about Xwall and other business email solutions on the web sites <a href=”ceratec.net&gt” onclick=”linkClick(this.href)” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.ceratec.net”>ceratec.net</a&gt; and <a href=”emailprofessor.com&gt” onclick=”linkClick(this.href)” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.emailprofessor.com”>emailprofessor.com</a&gt; Ceratec can also be reached by phone at (512) 285-2620. <br>




Cameron's porn filter blocks tech sites

Cameron's porn filter blocks tech sites
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Mail filter allows IT professional to react faster

(PRWEB) August 29, 2003

August, 2003 — The filters in Xwall do an excellent job keeping SOBIG out of all the Exchange servers it protects. Xwall stops viruses like SOBIG from being passed on to the server without needing a constant updated database. The server based package offers an arsenal of filtering options allowing the IT managers to react quickly to new treats.

Xwall utilizes multiple spam filters including DNSBL and SLS (Spam lookup services). Recently Osirusoft reported operational problems. We advise Xwall users to configure the Spam lookup services in groups. Xwall can be set to only declare a message spam if the message fails all services in the group. If a troubled SLS is part of a group the functioning services will prevent any false positives due to the problem at failing SLS. The SLS group feature is part of all Xwall Mail Filters since version 3.27. We recommend using at least 2 groups with 2 members. Xwall can accommodate 10 or more groups with several members in each.

Xwall is a Windows platform email control system protecting mail server systems from spam, junk mail and viruses carrying attachments. Xwall is designed for but not limited to the Microsoft Exchange Server. Xwall effectively filters Spam and can block other undesired mail sent to former employees, pesky newsletters, dangerous attachments and so on. In addition, Xwall also can be used to collect statistical email data, place disclaimer notices in outgoing mail and can archive every incoming and outgoing email message.

For more information visit http://www.emailprofessor.com or http://www.xwall.us

Anti-Spam Filter has been released!

(PRWEB) September 6, 2003

Anti-Spam Filter is an innovative self-learning system, offering you spam protection without deleting the important correspondence. Anti-Spam Filter maintains its own collaborative spam-tracking database, which uses the signatures of spam messages. It is different from other anti-spam programs, in the way that you’re not the only one to “teach” it, but all of our project users contribute to it.

Upon studying many spam-detection algorithms, we have come to a conclusion that only a human being is truly a hundred percent capable of telling spam from regular messages. Even the most complex algorithms can make mistakes, and can either pass the spam through or, much worse, delete an important letter. The only way of generating a real spam killer is uniting all of our efforts.

Aside from initial spam filters, provided by our program and created by our developers, Anti-Spam Filter presents a claim submission practice, in case you have got some spam coming through. The process is ultimately simplified – to report spam you just have to make two mouse-clicks.

Anti-Spam Filter features:

1. 100% guarantee that an important letter will never be deleted

2. A regularly updated collaborative spam-tracking database

3. Spam- and virus-containing emails eliminated

4. Foreign spam blocked

5. Multiple email accounts protection

6. Any POP3 compliant email program supported

New Spam Filter from Paessler Shields Mailboxes at Server Level – No Spam Today! Increases Network Stability and Improves Productivity

(PRWEB) September 11, 2003

Fuerth, Germany –Paessler today announced the immediate availability of No Spam Today!, a new spam filter based on the renowned open-source SpamAssassin(TM) technology. No Spam Today! can easily be integrated into existing networks, working at the server level to block spam e-mail before it reaches the desktop. Spam email accounts for up to half of all messages that businesses receive, negatively impacting network efficiency and employee productivity. According to a recent report from independent research company Nucleus Research, an average employee receives up to 13.3 spam mails per day, costing businesses as much as $ 874 per employee per year in lost productivity.

With one easy installation wizard, No Spam Today! is configured and the filter can be activated within minutes, marking spam on the server. Using the SpamAssassin engine, spam is reduced by as much as 89%, according to recent PC Magazine review. Since No Spam Today! is based on this open-source filter technology, it can be offered at a cost-effective price and as a freeware solution. Like all Paessler products, No Spam Today! can be installed without technical expertise, providing average users with the same powerful solution available to experienced network administrators.

“Our spam filter is based on the top-notch SpamAssassin open-source technology. Since SpamAssassin is very complex to set up, especially in a Windows environment, we did all the hard work for you,” said Dirk Paessler CEO of Paessler. “With No Spam Today! a professional-grade spam filter can now be easily installed onto Windows servers at a workstation price.”

No Spam Today! works as an SMTP proxy server relay that sits between the Internet and the mail server. Incoming mail is accepted from the Internet and checked for spam using a rule base with a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text. After marking the incoming spam, all e-mail is delivered to the existing SMTP mail server. Since it works as a transparent proxy server, No Spam Today! integrates with all existing e-mail servers.

The Freeware Edition, as well as a free trial version for the commercial editions, can be downloaded at http://www.no-spam-today.com. Commercial licenses are available starting at US $ 99.95 for a 10 user license including 12 months update service with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

About Paessler GmbH

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Fuerth, Germany, Paessler GmbH builds cost effective software that is both powerful and easy to use. Its business products IPCheck Server Monitor and Webserver Stress Tool are used by Website Operators, Internet Service Providers and other IT-Professionals worldwide. Free trial versions of these business products can be downloaded from http://www.paessler.com.

SpamAssassin is a trademark of Network Associates, Inc.



Dirk Paessler

[email protected]

TNT Communication Inc.

Stephanie Wettstein, 503-345-9257

[email protected]

Paessler GmbH

Hornschuchpromenade 7

D-90762 Fürth

Fax +49 – 911 – 739 9031

Audiotrieve’s InBoxer Rated Best Spam Filter On a Desktop by Spamotomy

(PRWEB) September 18, 2003 -respected independent reviewer of anti-

BOXBOROUGH, Mass. –spam tools, awarded its highest rating ever for a desktop anti-spam product to InBoxer from Audiotrieve, LLC. The InBoxer product was praised for its ease-of-use, straight forward installation, high accuracy and extremely low false positive rate.

“Here at Spamotomy, we readily admit that we set the bar pretty high when it comes to giving out our best rating, the coveted Four Envelopes.,” said Amit Asaravala, editor and publisher. “ It’s a tough bar to reach but, every now and then, we come across a product that does it with ease. InBoxer 1.0 from Audiotrieve is a perfect example of such a product.”

The Spamotomy review is the result of an extensive week-long evaluation involving the processing of thousands of email messages, including more than a thousand junk mail messages. InBoxer was effective right from the start, according to the Spamotomy review. At the end of a week, InBoxer removed 96.5% of all spam with a 0.07% false positive rating.

“The evaluation was one of the most exhaustive

and comprehensive we have ever seen for a spam product. We take particular pride that InBoxer achieved the highest possible rating,” said Roger Matus, chief executive of Audiotrieve, LLC, the makers of InBoxer.

InBoxer requires Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Outlook. A 21 day free trial is available immediately from http://www.inboxer.com. The product has a list price of $ 24.95.

About Audiotrieve and InBoxer

Audiotrieve, LLC (http://www.audiotrieve.com) creates products and services that sort, index and retrieve information that cannot be found easily using traditional means. InBoxer (http://www.inboxer.com), separates the email users want from the email they don’t. Planned offerings include services that help search engines, such as Yahoo! or Google, and multimedia companies to find the right content from within an audio or video stream.

INBOXER is a trademark and AUDIOTRIEVE is a service mark of Audiotrieve, LLC. All other marks are property of their respective owners.

Media Contact: Melissa Beck, +1-206-547-1089, [email protected]

How A Simple SPAM Filter Can Free Up Your Time

Unfortunately a spam filter has become a necessity for any computer that has email and accesses the internet. Spam, as it has been termed, is unsolicited email which is usually a part of mass commercial advertising campaigns. Essentially, it is junk email. In the offline world junk mail has been sent unsolicited for years. In the online world; however, it presents more trouble than a mailbox loaded with advertisements.

Without a spam filter, your email box will be literally loaded with junk mail if your email address has been in existence for very long. It seems to be something that just happens although giving your email address out, especially posting it on websites, seems to open the virtual door for a flood of junk mail. Even if you don’t give your email address out over the internet, you will likely receive spam at some time.

The reason that spam is such a problem is, the junk mail eats up electronic resources like memory and storage space. Also, it is not uncommon for spam to contain computer viruses that can effectively shut down a computer system, or bogus offers and scams that many people fall for. A spam filter aims to stop these junk messages before they come into an email inbox.

Even if the spam you are receiving is nothing more than advertisements, it can be time consuming to check your email and delete all of the irrelevant junk that you receive. Thus, having a spam filter can save you loads of time. Without having to sift through junk email to find the email messages that require your attention, you will be much more productive.

Since the dawn of the internet people have been fighting spam. Recognizing that it is truly a problem, laws have been passed in an attempt to curb it; however, those laws are often ignored and spammers send their unsolicited messages anyway. Thus, even with legislation in place a spam filter is still a necessary time saving tool that can also protect your electronic data from damage and loss.

The anti-spam act in the United States is referred to as the Can- Spam Act of 2003. The law doesn’t attempt to curb unsolicited email altogether, but rather aims to prevent deceptive practices so a spam filter is still needed even if the spam you receive doesn’t break the law. The act bans the use of misleading or deceptive header information and subject lines, requires that recipients of the email be given an option to opt-out of receiving the email, and requires that marketers include a notice that email is a solicitation or advertisement. It also requires that the sender provide a postal address.

If you engage in email marketing yourself, you need to be sure that the addresses you send email to are legitimate opt-in email addresses and not a harvested list. Otherwise, you may become blacklisted and have your information added to spam filters as a common spammer. Also, it is good to avoid the use of words that are commonly picked up by a spam filter and to inform subscribers and opt-in email recipients to add your email address to the safe list in their spam filter so your messages won’t get redirected or deleted.

A spam filter can be installed on individual computers, network servers or email servers. The purpose of a spam filter is to filter out the junk. A basic spam filter does a pretty good job of that, but none of them are all-encompassing or fail proof.

A spam filter intercepts messages that appear to be spam based on the spam filter’s configuration. This may include email from servers that are blacklisted, meaning they have been identified as senders of spam, certain email addresses or other terms set by the user. For instance, many spam messages contain the word ”free”, or other specific words that are easily identifiable. A spam filter can generally be set to intercept emails containing the specified words as well.

Depending upon how you configure your spam filter and the spam filter you choose, spam filters handle email accordingly. Some may deliver a message to the inbox while others will redirect the message and send it to another place, like a junk mail box. Some delete the message altogether or screen out parts of a message that may be offensive or viral.

A spam filter that redirects messages is sometimes a good idea because you can scan through the messages and make sure they actually are spam before they are deleted. However, this in itself can be a time consuming task and many choose to have the suspected spam automatically deleted.

With most spam filters, you can choose email addresses that are ”safe” which will prevent the spam filter from destroying or redirecting a message from a certain email address or server. If you subscribe to newsletters from companies that may send out bulk email, it is a good idea to add the sender to your safe list so the information you requested will be ignored by your spam filter and delivered to your inbox.

Copyright Christopher J. Enders. Are you at the end of your rope, fed up and confused by all the scrambled internet marketing advice you’re getting? Whether you are new to internet marketing, or a website owner who wants to make more money from your website, learn the proven strategies that will sky-rocket your internet business at [http://BiznessTips.com]

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Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter Offers Firewall Level Protection Against Spam

(PRWEB) November 5, 2003


Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter Offers Firewall Level Protection Against Spam

Oakham, Rutland (PRWEB) November 5 2003 – Xtrawise.com today announced Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter for Microsoft Windows, a desktop email filter for consumers and businesses offering extensive protection against the growing menace of Spam and malicious email attachments.

Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter offers unprecedented ease-of-use by automatically intercepting email once installed without any complex email client configuration requirement or need to change the way email is collected. Bayesian filtering determines the probability that incoming email is Spam by examining every part of the message. If the indicators are negative the message is delivered to the email client as usual. Otherwise the message can be either silently deleted – with the ‘From’ address stored in the activity log – or quarantined to a hard disk folder for automatic deletion after a specified number of days, thus allowing the user time to review messages pending deletion. Each time an email is sent or received the probability database is updated to improve future filtering performance.

Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter includes safeguards to reduce the occurrence of ‘false positives’ – wanted email erroneously classified as Spam. Subject passphrases – similar to passwords but usually including multiple words – can be defined. When these are detected in the ‘Subject’ field of incoming email the messages are instantly delivered to the email client without further filtering. Blocked and trusted sender email addresses – or even entire domains – can be defined resulting in automatic delivery or deletion of messages. The user can opt to accept incoming mail from trusted senders only. Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter can automatically reply to emails from non-trusted senders on the user’s behalf, adding a question that can only be answered by a person and when that person correctly replies the email is delivered. Spam is mostly automatically generated and so a response to the challenge will likely never be received.

Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter protects the user from malicious email attachments. Before attachments are delivered to the email client any executable windows filetypes are harmlessly renamed – with the original filename recorded in the activity log – providing protection against accidental or impulse opening of malicious email attachments. In addition, HTML tags that are able to launch executable files or record the successful opening of Spam messages can be safely removed from incoming mail. If a Trojan, Virus or Worm compromises the user’s computer, Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter provides a visual indication whenever applications begin broadcasting to the Internet by email, HTTP or Internet Relay Chat by displaying a flashing icon. An outbound email lock can be instantly engaged to prevent a Virus or Worm from spreading further.

Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter blocks Windows Messenger Service popup windows by default. The Windows Messenger Service is increasingly being abused by Spammers to deliver unsolicited advertisements to computers running Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The partnership of adaptive Bayesian filtering and safeguard options such as challenge/response authentication and subject passphrases dramatically reduce the occurrence of ‘false positives’, an issue which has until now proved to be the major failing of Anti-Spam products. Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter enables the user to eliminate junk email without fear of missing important correspondence.

Pricing and Availability

Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter for Microsoft Windows is available now for download and free trial. A single user license can be purchased from US$ 34.95 including one year’s support and updates.

About Xtrawise.com

Xtrawise.com was founded to develop and publish innovative, easy-to-use and affordable IT security software for all versions of Microsoft Windows.

For additional information please visit http://www.Xtrawise.com/anti-spam-filter.php


Welcome to the World’s first FREE Spam Filter SERVICE. Never seen before !!

(PRWEB) November 15, 2003


Welcome to the World’s first FREE Spam Filter SERVICE. Never seen before !!

We proudly introduce our new FREE Spam Filter Service. We are not selling an anti Spam Filter but provide a FREE anti Spam Service for all existing email accounts Worldwide to eliminate Spam in your mailbox. No software has to be downloaded and installed because we filter the emails before they reach your mailbox with our newly developed Spam Filter Technology. You only have to register your email address. This is the easiest and fastest way for you to stop Spam, so that you will only get the email you want and need.

Because Spammers are changing their methods every day you need a Spam Filter that will protect your email account and change with the times. The Hennes anti-Spam Team changes the Free Spam Filter from time to time so you don’t have to update your anti Spam utilities anymore, it is done for you. Most Spam programs that you can buy on the market today are based on existing technology and will soon be figured out and overcome by Spammers. Our Free Spam Filter changes with the times and uses our new (and still very difficult to overcome) method to stop Spammers in their tracks. It uses a state of the art graphic barrier that cannot be read electronically.

There are no minimum requirements for your computer and there is no maintenance required. You don’t have to buy any expensive software programs anymore and or download updates from time to time to maintain its effectiveness as a Spam Filter. We update for you and stay up to date from the latest technology and developments.

Just register your email address and we will activate the Hennes Free Spam Filter on your existing personal email account. Visit us at http://www.freespamfilter.nl.

Best regards,

The Hennes Support Team

[email protected]