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So Facebook allegedly reads your private messages. But what about Google?

So Facebook allegedly reads your private messages. But what about Google?
Still creepy and wrong, considering it is a private message, but Facebook probably aren't "reading" your messages, just the same as your employer isn't reading your emails when their spam filter filters out those dodgy messages at the perimeter. wright_is.
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How an Israeli Teenage Jazz Star Emerged
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Why a Jewish Manager Might Win World Series For First Time Since 1948
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eMail2Pop Version 3 Bridges Google Gmail and AOL Mail to POP3 and SMTP Mail Technologies

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2004

PorkChup Solutions, Inc., an independent Information Technology solutions provider, has released version 3.0 of its flagship product – eMail2Pop on its website at http://www.email2pop.com. eMail2Pop started as the leading mail solution for America Online (AOL®) members who choose to use POP3 and SMTP email access over the AOL client. Now the newly released version 3.0 offers the same interfacing service to holders of Google Gmail accounts.

eMail2Pop bridges the AOL Mail and Gmail systems with the common POP3 and SMTP email protocols by acting as an interface between the two systems. With AOL and Gmail POP3 access, users now have the freedom of choosing any POP3 compatible mail reader, such as Microsoft Outlook® and Qualcomm Eudora®, to manage email instead of using proprietary access methods. It also includes a powerful, widely adopted spam filter based upon open-source technology

“In version 3, eMail2Pop interfaces with Gmail to give Gmail users the ultimate email experience,” said Bobby Lo, Chief Executive Officer and Developer, “Now Gmail users are empowered with multiple ways to manage their email. eMail2Pop combines the convenience and power of mainstream desktop email programs with the web-based, wide accessibility of Gmail. Users especially appreciate the convenience of using programs such as Microsoft Outlook to manage their email along with their schedule, appointments, contacts, and mail from other services all in one application. The best part is that users can still manage their email from Gmail’s website at any time and any place – great for people on the go. In addition, if disk space is an issue, users can easily log on to Gmail’s website, view all of their archived mail online, and use Google’s powerful search features to locate messages.”

Benefits of eMail2Pop include but are not limited to:

POP3 and SMTP access to America Online email and Google Gmail email

Using any mail program to manage email, including Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Incredimail, etc.

Managing multiple mail accounts at once, including non-AOL and Gmail email accounts from other POP3 providers

Being completely independent of the AOL client (AOL does not have to be installed)

Filtering spam emails with an integrated spam filtering solution

Sorting and organizing email into different folders in most major e-mail clients

Synchronizing email to PDA and Pocket PC devices, exporting mail in most major email clients

For more information about eMail2Pop, its website is located at http://www.email2pop.com

About PorkChup Solutions, Inc. Founded in 2002, PorkChup Solutions provides dynamic IT solutions of all kinds for individuals and businesses. PorkChup Solutions offers custom solutions such as desktop application development, database administration, and web development. The PorkChup Solutions corporate website can be found at http://www.porkchup.com .

PorkChup Solutions, Inc. and eMail2Pop are not affiliated with America Online, Inc. or Google, Inc. in any way. PorkChup Solutions operates as an independent solutions provider. All copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Press Contact: press@porkchup.com

Classifieds Provider PriceLookup.com Hooks Up With Google Base & Launches VIP User Program

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2007

Online classifieds provider PriceLookup.com (http://www.pricelookup.com) has fully integrated its classifieds listings with Google Base and has introduced a package of improvements aimed at consolidating its growing success in the online classifieds market and better meeting the needs of its growing group of high-volume “VIP” sellers.

Upgrades to the software behind the site mean that PriceLookup.com’s listings are now automatically listed in Google Base, bringing a much wider audience to the site and offering a considerable benefit to sellers.

PriceLookup.com is one of the first classified advertising services to use Google Base in this way, and the site’s founder Phil Chiu is impressed with the potential Google Base offers for his site, commenting that “traffic and site activity levels have both increased significantly since our Google Base integration went live”.

The http://www.PriceLookup.com team has also implemented a number of anti-spam features enabling them to rapidly identify and ban fraudulent posters, protecting buyers from dishonest sellers. Fraudulent sellers can be identified by any combination of IP address, location and e-mail address before being banned from the site.

The site’s growth has led an increasing number of high-volume sellers to start selling through the site, and a VIP User program has been introduced to provide enhanced facilities to these users. VIP Users are given a fast-track interface which allows an unlimited number of listings to be prepared in advance, before being published with one click.

To complete the package of changes, PriceLookup.com’s simple, modern interface has been refreshed and updated to make it easier and more intuitive to use, and has been integrated with the Google Toolbar to enable users to automatically populate forms with their details.

To find out more about PriceLookup.com’s new VIP User services or Google Base integration, contact Phil Chiu or visit http://www.pricelookup.com.


European Twingly Launches Google Blog Search Competitor

Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB) April 3, 2008

Twingly launches a new spam free social blog search engine today at http://www.twingly.com.

The European Internet start-up Twingly announced today that it is launching its spam free blog search engine.

“We will have worldwide coverage but are concentrating on being number one in European blog search, both by controlling spam and working with all different languages”, said Martin K

MailChimp Releases Google Custom Search Engine for Email Marketing Research

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 31, 2007

MailChimp announces an enhanced Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE), a resource center for email marketing research. The custom search engine brings together the best sources on email delivery and marketing trends from 24 popular blogs and websites. The new resource library includes information drawn from the experience of delivering over 200 million emails for MailChimp subscribers.

MailChimp has complete control over the sources they add to their custom search engine. Users can search on terms such as “spam filters” and receive hundreds of helpful results explaining the current challenges and solutions for successfully delivering email. “We researched and gathered information from some of the best places on the Internet,” said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp. “Three of our most popular sources come from experienced email marketers.”

Mark Brownlow’s Email Marketing Reports website most recently discussed blocked images, direct mail return on investment, and signup incentives. Brownlow’s site features newsletters, articles, reviews and advice for email marketers regardless of experience. Email Marketing Reports consists of over 50 categories and a daily blog with an average of 1,900 posts. “Brownlow’s Email Marketing Reports provides a significant amount of information MailChip subscribers and visitors can use to help them find answers to common questions,” said Chestnut.

Tamara Gielen’s BeRelevant! blog brings together a wealth of email marketing tips, tricks and resources on topics such as building and maintaining an email list, choosing an email vendor, designing and coding email newsletters, segmentation and targeting, lifecycle messaging, integrating email marketing in the marketing mix and more. BeRelevant! features a social network club for email marketers from all over the world. As Director of Email and Digital Dialogue Strategies at OgilvyOne, Gielen helps clients increase the ROI of their email campaigns.

Melinda Krueger, principal of Krueger Direct/Interactive, answers readers’ questions on comparing industry averages, improving open rates, creating a contact strategy and more in her Email Diva column for the Email Insider. Krueger understands what motivates people to respond and analyzes response data for continuous improvement of email marketing campaigns.

Recently, MailChimp added Best Practices In Writing Email Subject Lines to the GSCE resource center, a report on the findings of subject lines and email open rates. The report encourages email marketers to keep subject lines short and descriptive, providing the recipient with a compelling reason to read the email’s body content.

About MailChimp:

MailChimp, a leading do-it-yourself email marketing service, provides tools to over 10,000 small businesses, design agencies, non-profits, restaurants, and e-Commerce organizations worldwide. Customers can create professional, eye-catching HTML emails in minutes with easy-to-use web based tools. MailChimp offers a 30-day free trial with two affordable pricing programs: monthly and pay-as-you-go. The Atlanta, GA based company provides top-notch tools for email marketers to easily send, track, and improve their email marketing efforts.

To learn more about MailChimp, visit http://www.mailchimp.com.

Media Contact:

Neil Bainton





Netfirms Announces Launch of Google Apps Premier Edition

Toronto, Canada and Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) June 9, 2009

Netfirms, one of the world’s largest web hosting and domain name registrars today announced the launch of Netfirms for Google Apps, a suite of communication and collaboration tools including the newly released Google Apps Sync for Outlook powered by Netfirms 24/7 customer service.

“We are delighted to announce Netfirms for Google Apps solution for business customers. Our tightly integrated solution is a significant win for our customers in the United States and Canada,” said Thomas Savundra, CEO of Netfirms. “As one of the world’s largest service providers with plenty of real-world experience assisting customers with their hosting, domain and IT needs, we are confident we add significant value to make Google Apps work seamlessly for businesses. We make this process simple — from registering a domain all the way to getting their new ‘Office 2.0′ setup with Google Apps Premier Edition.”

With Google Apps Premier Edition, Netfirms customers can use applications such as Gmail webmail service (without any advertising), Google Talk instant messaging service, Google Calendar calendaring service, Google Docs program, Google Sites intranet/extranet web application, and Google Video for business on their own domain to work together more effectively. Best of all, you have 24/7 service and support provided by Netfirms for Google Apps, so there’s no additional HR requirements to download, install or maintain the application.

“Over the past 10 years, Netfirms has been offering ‘Fortune 500′ capabilities at a small business price. This new offering supports this philosophy, extending Netfirms services into the rich email, collaboration and communication space, alongside our well established Grid Hosting offerings.” said Thomas Savundra, CEO of Netfirms.

Other benefits of Google Apps with Netfirms include 99.9% uptime guarantee, 25GB of email storage, mobile phone support (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android), built in Postini spam and filtering tools, SAS70 Type II compliance certification for security, custom branding in your company name, and future service upgrades at no additional cost, and dedicated expert 24/7 support for your account from Netfirms.

“We continue to hear from our larger customers a need to significantly reduce their IT costs,” says Dan Kershaw, General Manager of Netfirms. “These same customers are telling us — why continue to dedicate staff and resources to maintaining dozens of servers and fighting spam when those resources could be pointed at revenue generating projects or go straight to the bottom line? With Netfirms providing Google Apps and the new Google Apps Sync for Outlook we can now help organizations make such a migration.”

Netfirms received training, support and deployment services from Google, as well as a clean integration of Google Apps into the Netfirms Hosting Control Panel. This allows Netfirms staff to provide additional service and support when needed. The customers of Netfirms using Google Apps will benefit from the additional attention to their specific needs. For more information on Google Apps and Google Apps Sync for Outlook program please visit

United States: http://www.netfirms.com/googleapps and

Canada http://www.netfirms.ca/googleapps

To learn more about Netfirms visit http://www.netfirms.com.

Netfirms, Inc., founded in 1998, provides hosting solutions and Grid Hosting technology to successful small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide. Netfirms hosts over 1,200,000 websites and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information about Netfirms. Come Visit http://www.netfirms.com.


Website Availability History in Google Analytics Panel

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2010

Website availability monitoring service provided by SITEIMPULSE now offers integration with Google Analytics.

For every on-line business its website availability is critical. Even one minute of website being down causes a significant loss for its owner. Whether it means lost sales, registrations, media contacts or banner impressions – it costs money.

E-marketers, webmasters and agencies are aware of that – this is why availability monitoring services are so popular. These constantly check websites for their availability and – in case of a failure – instantly send email and mobile text (SMS) alerts. They also provide full history of websites uptime, enabling hosting SLAs to be verified.

Since Google Analytics is the most popular traffic monitoring service, lots of webmasters will welcome the feature of having availability data in their Google Analytics panels. If they decide to choose Website-Monitoring.com as their availability monitoring provider, they will be able to see unavailability events & durations charts next to visits, unique users etc.

The website monitoring from SITEIMPULSE is a very good value for money – it’s one of the cheapest services on the market. For $ 59/year (less than $ 5/month) customers get 1-minute monitoring performed by a global network of servers located on 3 continents.

The service can be tested with no obligation with 14-day free trial period.

SITEIMPULSE is an Internet Marketing agency founded in 1998, offering website monitoring services since 2001. Beside website design and promotion, SITEIMPULSE runs several on-line services: Website Monitoring, URL Shortener, Anti-spam Email Protection.


Google Apps Coming to Main Street Broadband

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) April 22, 2010

Main Street Broadband has announced today that it has partnered with IKANO Communications and is bringing Main Street Mail to its customers through Google Apps. With Google Apps, Main Street Mail subscribers will now have access to Googles popular email and communications tools such as Gmail with anti-spam and anti-virus protection, Google Docs collaboration, Google Calendar shared calendaring, Google Talk instant messaging, and a new customizable Main Street Broadband home page.

Customers will have the added benefit of accessing their Main Street Mail email, powered by Google, from any Internet-connected computer and most mobile devices including Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. Google Apps has also been released for the iPhone and will be available to Main Street Mail, giving them increased mobility and productivity while on the go.

We are excited to bring Google Apps services to our subscribers with Main Street Mail, said Mike Mies, Co-Founder and CEO. Google Apps will deliver a better email experience due to improved webmail functionality and features. Customers will also enjoy productivity and collaboration tools. Documents and calendars can also be shared with co-workers, family and friends. Google Apps makes the user experience more fun and social.

IKANO Communications, Inc., has partnered with Google to offer Google Apps migration and support services to Internet service providers seeking to upgrade and outsource mail and related communication services. “IKANOs partnership with Google is an important milestone in the transformation of IKANO to a full service provider of best-of-breed hosted services for businesses and consumers, said George Naspo, CEO of IKANO. We handle all the infrastructure, IT management and end user support, so our customers can focus on what they do best.

About Main Street Broadband

Main Street Broadband, LLC is a privately held wireless broadband service provider headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Together with its subsidiary, Broadband South LLC, Main Street is committed to bringing affordable high speed Internet access and digital phone service to the un-served and underserved markets in the southeast US. Main Street Broadband utilizes the latest in wireless broadband technology for both residential and business services to develop additional economic opportunities in communities and advance the quality of life for its residents. Main Street Broadband is aligned with its strategic partner Xiocom Wireless, Inc (http://www.xiocom.com), a global provider of integrated wireless broadband solutions. To learn more about Main Street Broadband, visit Main Street Broadband.

About IKANO Communications, Inc.

IKANO, founded in 1999, is a provider of IP solutions including Internet access, billing, customer support, hosting, portal, and email services. IKANO makes it easy for service providers to maintain a unique brand while eliminating the hassle of maintaining network contracts, servers, and call centers. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company has offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Toronto and offers services in the United States and Canada. IKANO is backed by leading industry investors, including Insight Venture Partners. Companies interested in learning more about IKANO should contact info (at)ikano (dot) com, or call 877.492.0121. For more information, visit http://www.ikano.com


New Small Business Solutions With Google Apps Technology

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2009

Inverselogic, a leading software development and technology integration firm, has partnered with Google to Provide Google Apps Technology, a new service that will save clients money, time, increase work efficiency and improve online security. Google Apps is a customizable package of business applications including mail, calendar, team site creation, document collaboration, and video sharing. Watch the Quick Tour video.

With many businesses outsourcing their IT infrastructure in order to reduce their monthly overhead, the need for a robust and integrated application to handle all forms of communication was essential. At 1/3 the cost of competing solutions, Google Apps requires no special hardware or software and has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

As one of the global leaders in Software as a Service, Google Apps has experienced accelerating adoption with over 3,000 businesses signing up daily and over 1 million companies already using this solution to improve their business with enhanced messaging and collaboration tools.

Companies are able to host their email, calendar and IM applications, making it easier for their employees to communicate efficiently. This application allows for 50 times more storage per user than the industry average, reduces clutter with effective spam filtering and automatic message threading, and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, including Outlook and Blackberry interoperability.

Through Google Apps, Inverselogic can provide small and medium size businesses with a unique opportunity to work more efficiently save money and have the ability to access and work as a team on documents, in real-time, without the hassle of attachments.

Inverselogic and their expert team have the knowledge and resources readily available to implement Google Apps for you today. Contact Inverselogic for a free demonstration of this powerful tool.

About Inverselogic

Based in Los Angeles, Inverselogic (http://www.inverselogic.com) provides comprehensive corporate computing, networking, data communications, system security, and application development products and services to companies in both the private and public sectors. They help clients define and deploy new Internet strategies and solutions for specific business functions, such as process automation, human resources, electronic commerce and operations.


Internet Sales Reps Flock to Sell Guaranteed Page One Google Ad Placement Product. New Technology Levels the Search Engine Playing Field for Small Businesses

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 1, 2009

For the millions in this country desperate for answers on career options a Georgia entrepreneur is bringing instant hope with the rollout of his business concept built around the exploding internet marketing industry. “When you have a combination in place that helps business owners to increase their marketing presence with a business concept that allows individuals from all walks of life to create a lucrative home based business you have the combination that will create new standards for entrepreneurs,” said Randy Watson.

Randy Watson is a resident of Atlanta and has a business background that has been focused for over two decades on Wall Street and the Real Estate Industry. “Real Estate has been my passion,” said Watson, “and I’ve been very lucky to have created a very successful track record both as an Investor and Agent. But with the obvious challenges that have occurred in that industry I needed to diversify and the most logical answer after many hours of research was based on offering an effective marketing concept that will help business owners create a better internet presence. That goal has been achieved with the rollout that is generating great feedback from Georgia to California.”

Watson provides to business owners a simple technology driven format that will allow small and medium sized businesses to compete on the same playing field as Fortune 500 companies. “The beauty of the internet allows a one person operation to have an equal presence with that of a large corporation,” said Watson, “but the obvious question of time and money is a major concern but I have the solution with my program as I offer a complete managed and fully optimized Google (along with partners) advertising campaign that guarantees a Page One web presence on Google at affordable rates.”

“For the small business owner, it’s a well known fact that traditional advertising techniques such as mass mailers (which get trashed), mass emails (which are caught and trashed by sophisticated spam filters) and newspaper and magazine ads are clearly obsolete,” Watson says. “Whether someone is searching for a furniture repair store, auto mechanic or restaurant, the search takes place on the internet.”

Besides offering a solution to critical online marketing concepts Watson offers an easy to duplicate business model for all entrepreneurs geared toward creating a long term lucrative residual income. “With nearly 50% of the small to medium sized businesses having no online presence it is easy to see the potential,” said Watson, “especially when you analyze that nearly 70% of consumers use the internet for product searches. The challenge of how to implement technology to drive customers to a company specific website is the main focus of my technology and the financial reward package for associates is the best in the Industry with high commission payouts and very generous bonus overrides for those interested in building up their own team of sales associates. My program reminds me so much of that famous line from the movie FIELD OF DREAMS: BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME and that is exactly what I help business owners do every day!!!”

Mr. Watson can be reached in his Georgia office @: 770-374-5677.

Direct: 770-374-5677

Fax: 678-840-0080