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Excedent Issues Spam Prevention Tips for Small Businesses

Vienna, Virginia (PRWEB) September 18, 2003 –

virus and Spam filtering solutions, today published recommended tips for small businesses and business owners on how to prevent Spam from reaching employee inboxes. The company provides email-hosting solutions with integrated anti-virus, anti-Spam and pornography filtering technologies to over 1,200 small businesses and service providers.

To prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses, CEO of Excedent Technologies, Patrick Matthews, suggests several preventive measures for small businesses. “One of the problems facing small businesses today is that they are allowing spammers to easily identify their email address and then scrambling to try and prevent the Spam from reaching their inbox,” explained Matthews. “We recommend that businesses be very careful about where they publish their email addresses in order to prevent their addresses from getting on mailing lists in the first place.” Matthews shared the following Spam prevention tips for small businesses:

1. Create alias email addresses that can be replaced. “We advise that all email users create at least one separate, dedicated email alias address to be used for all of e-commerce purchases and when registering for third-party services,” explained Matthews. Also, use this email address when posting to discussion lists, news groups, message boards, and when displaying email addresses to the public, such as on a Web site. In other words, only list generic email addresses on Web sites, such as [email protected], [email protected], etc.

One of the most prominent ways that Spammers collect email addresses is by writing automatic scripts that crawl the Internet and pick email addresses off of Web sites. For this reason, email users and Webmasters should only publish generic email aliases on the Web. These aliases should, preferably, be replaceable so that once spammers pick up on the aliases, they can be discarded and replaced with another alias address.

2. Do not give your email address away unless you are confident that the recipient is a trusted party. If it is an optional request from a third party, leave it blank. If it is required, it is best to use your temporary email alias address or an email account that you have with a free provider such as Yahoo! or Hotmail.

3. Do not unsubscribe from Spam that you receive. Many spammers use unsubscribe requests to verify that email addresses are in fact legitimate. Once you unsubscribe, they know the email was received. This actually makes your email address more valuable to spammers. If you believe that you are receiving an unwanted bulk email from a reputable company, un-subscribing will most likely be safe and should be done. However, if you don’t know the sender, don’t unsubscribe or reply.

4. Do not rely on AOL or other generic email addresses for business purposes. Many companies that provide free email services make money by selling email addresses and subscriber information to spammers, advertisers and other third party marketing organizations.

5. Do not reply to or forward long chain letters that you receive via email. “We believe that spammers collect email addresses from some of these chain letters that are passed through hundreds and sometimes thousands of groups of email users. While this is labor intensive for some spammers, most of the email addresses found within these chain letters are legitimate and may become spam targets,” emphasized Matthews.

6. Do not signup for any service that claims to be a “Do Not Spam List,” similar to the FCC’s “Do Not Call List.”” Many of these services are fraudulent and actually may lead to your email address being added to more Spam lists.

7. Use obfuscation techniques when publishing your email address on Web pages. Spammers use automated programs to crawl the Web in search of email addresses. Therefore it is a good idea to use HTML tricks to make your email address unreadable by these programs. For example, you can embed HTML comment tags inside of your email address, use character encoding techniques such as HTML escaping and URI encoding, or use JavaScript to write out the address. These techniques would be transparent to your web site visitors, but may fool the automated programs.

About Excedent Technologies

Excedent Technologies is a global leader in outsourced business email hosting solutions. The company provides small businesses and service providers with secure, reliable, Spam-free, Virus-free email. Excedent manages and maintains this critical communication infrastructure, freeing up valuable personnel resources and eliminating the need for customers to purchase email-related software, hardware or additional bandwidth. The company is privately held and serves more than 1,000 customers worldwide. For more information on Excedent’s small business email hosting plans, please visit http://www.webmail.us. For more information on service provider and enterprise email solutions, please visit http://www.excedent.com or call 866.EXCEDENT (392.3336).

YOU’RE INVITED! AOL and Microsoft Execs Head a World-Class Email Marketing Panel – Share Strategy, Tips & Answer YOUR Questions – One-day; Hottest Topics. RSVP Promo NOW running. Chicago

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 7, 2004

Calling All Email Marketers – AOL’s Anti-Spam Director Carl Hutzler and Microsoft’s Director of Partner and Business Strategy Craig Spiezle team up with Michael Mayor, President of newly merged NetCreations/ReturnPath, Austin Bliss, President of FreshAddress, Jordan Ayan, CEO and Dan Swartz, President of ClickZ award-winning Subscribermail, Tim Starzl, President/CEO of SearchLogic/Email Dynamics and Bill Matthews, President of Emerging Audit.

World-class panel examines components of expert-level, permission email marketing and offers ace solutions for improving effectiveness. Where’s your level and how can you improve? ePros share tips for overcoming email obstacles and provide strategies on improving e-mail marketing effectiveness.

Format: A lively format mixes presentations and interactive dialogue between attendees and panel. Rare chance to meet industry leaders and get questions answered.

Topics: Topics include ISP relations, anti-spam filtering, whitelists, avoiding false positive traps, latest best practices, B2B vs. B2C issues, Can-Spam, CRM, how to grow e-mail lists, finding lost email addresses, list rentals, appends, eCOA, HTML/text format and issues, creative, delivery, list suppression, 3rd-party reputation services, executive summary SPF, SenderID, new tools for measuring e-mail results and more.

Who’ll benefit: An intensive 1-day conference/seminar geared to marketing executives, directors and others utilizing email marketing (or consulting others) to promote their message, product or service. Private enterprises, non-profits, professional Email Service Providers, web and email service companies, agencies, direct & online marketers – any organization seeking better results via the email communications channel. Companies hosting technology (in-house) or outsourcing email will both benefit. Mid-level to advanced email marketers will greatly appreciate the deep knowledge and resources offered by the panel.

Why? Permission e-Marketers are advanced dynamic communicators surrounded by untrained and unethical broadcasters endangering the medium. With enormous anti-spam pressures and desire to protect brand and reputation, the expert panel discusses critical strategy & tips for standing out and succeeding.

Exploring new strategies for improvement can be over-whelming, time consuming, costly and without guarantees. In one day, marketers can inexpensively learn proven strategies, understand ROI, get case examples and understand the latest techniques and hottest issues. Marketers will have a rare chance present questions, comments, concerns directly to the largest ISPs in the world and learn how others may be solving similar problems.

The Sept. 21, Chicago event is produced by Pointnclick, Inc.

AIM, CIMA, NEPA and 501C3 Discounts.

See website for reservations and particulars http://www.PointnClickInc.com/special.htm Call 630.241.email (3624) for more information, questions or phone reservations.

# # #

New Email Marketing eZine Shares Must-Know News, Analysis and Tips for Email Marketers – Join the New List That’s More Than Doubled Subscribers in Two Months Through Word of Mouth – Available at pointnclickinc.com

(PRWEB) November 10, 2004

The Pointnclickinc.com E-Mktg News free ezine delivers must-know info for email marketers.

If you haven’t been receiving it, you’ve missed key content other marketers have been enjoying.

Get news, news analysis, interesting interviews, scoops and email marketing strategies and tips for improving deliverability, spam filters, content, growing your email lists, list issues, vendor info, new tools and open standards, metrics, surveys, ISP relations, future trends, war stories and more ‘how-to.’ All things email marketing.

As the author of the Permission Emailers Guide to Avoiding Filters and co-author of the Buyer’s Guide to Broadcast Email Vendors (MarketingSherpa publisher), you’ll get unique perspective and practical how-to – without filler.

Get the ezine at http://www.pointnclickinc.com

Ezine publishes approximately 1-2 issues per month. Your privacy is very important to us. Your email address is never shared, rented or used for purposes beyond this newsletter.


Email Marketing Solution Provider Offers Tips on Email Deliverability

Lititz, PA (PRWEB) January 17, 2007

With a plethora of spam and virus threats prowling networks and servers, it’s not surprising to see a large percentage of legitimate mass email marketing stuck in junk mail folders or filtered out altogether. It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of all email is spam. When permission-based or opt-in email marketing is erroneously filtered, marketers are left with unimpressive campaign results. This can account for lost profits and tarnished business reputations. Email deliverability is the act of increasing each email’s chance of moving through these filters and blocks into recipients’ inbox.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s October 2006 white paper titled “Marketer & Agency Guide to Email Deliverability” outlines techniques to avoid spam traps. Most of these strategies are standard best practice in mass email marketing, like ensuring your opt-out link works properly before sending a campaign and using a double opt-in system for list subscription. The IAB also recommends more complex tasks, like removing addresses that haven’t clicked on your email communications in the past 90 days, configuring servers with a reverse DNS record and removing undeliverable addresses. Did you know that receiving a lot of ‘unknown user’ errors can prompt your ISP to block all email sent from your domain?

“Listrak offers clients several deliverability tools to automate all major filtering and blocking obstacles,” states Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak. “Our email marketing solution has some of the most advanced features on the market, automating email list management, maintenance and hygiene to ensuring businesses gain the strongest ROI. So our clients don’t have to worry about manual list hygiene.”

Listrak’s targeted email direct marketing solution helps companies avoid spam filters automatically. To learn more about the Listrak bulk email service, read email direct marketing articles, white papers and customer newsletter archives, visit http://www.listrak.com.

About Listrak

Listrak is a leading provider of hosted email marketing software that allows permission-based marketers to manage, send, track and grow their email marketing investment. Listrak services clients such as Daimler Chrysler, Motorola, L’Oreal and the Islands of the Bahamas from its Lititz, PA headquarters. Listrak was named the 2006 Small Business Technological Excellence Award winner by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, a Top Fifty Fastest Growing Company in 2006 and 2005 by the Central Penn Business Journal and the 2005 Growth Company of the Year by the Technology Council of Central PA.


Famed Tax Attorney Roni Deutch Offers Online Marketing Tips For Attorneys

North Highlands, CA (PRWEB) April 12, 2009

During these tough economic times, many businesses are cutting their marketing efforts. But many forget that there are myriad low and no cost marketing opportunities online. After successfully growing her personal and business image online, The Tax Lady Roni Deutch is offering tips to other lawyers who are struggling with Internet marketing.

“I am always taken aback when I come across an attorney who is not a part of the online marketing game,” says The Tax Lady Roni Deutch. “A huge portion of my law firm’s clients come from online outreach and the Internet offers so many inexpensive marketing tools. To help some of my fellow attorneys boost their business and their brand awareness; I have put together my top 10 online marketing tips for attorneys. And the best part is, most of these tips cost you nothing but a little time and effort.”

Ms. Deutch began her career over 18 years ago, and today over one-third of adults in this country recognize the name Roni Deutch as a leader in the tax industry. Although Ms. Deutch attributes a large part of her name brand recognition to her nationally running television commercials, her advanced online marketing strategies have also increased her brand awareness over the past few years. In addition to her law firm’s website, Ms. Deutch also maintains her personal blog, as well as several strategic social media properties.

Recently, Ms. Deutch posted an entry on The Tax Lady blog detailing how attorneys can leverage the benefits of online marketing. Below are just a few tips from the article. The entire entry can be found here: 10 Tips for Other Attorneys to Market Themselves Better Online.

Create an Avvo.com profile

Avvo is a Web 2.0 property completely dedicated to lawyers, legal advice, and lawyer reviews. This is a great place to strut your stuff and show others how much you know about the law. Answer questions, review other’s advice, and make a free profile for yourself and your practice.

Maintain a blog

Writing–and most importantly, maintaining–a blog is a great way to give helpful advice and generate high quality client opportunities. You can either put an actual blog on your site or sign up for a free blog service such as Blogger.com. However, once you start the blog, it is important to make sure you keep up with it and post at least one entry every week.

Create social community profiles

Having a profile on social communities such as MySpace, FaceBook, or LinkedIn will help you connect with other lawyers as well as potential clients. Keep the page professional though and be sure to have all of your contact and business information on the pages.

Answer questions on advice sites

Becoming a notable legal expert is just a click away. By answering questions from potential clients looking for guidance, you may come to be regarded as a trustworthy expert in your field. There are tons of advice sites out there, but I would suggest starting off with Yahoo Answers, LawGuru.com, and Avvo’s advice section.

Send out e-newsletters

Sending out an e-newsletter is a great way to let clients, potential clients, and business colleagues know what you are currently offering. It is also a great way to monitor what people find the most intriguing. By adding a few tracking parameters to any hyperlink in your email, you will know which articles are the real attention grabbers. Just be sure that when sending an e-newsletter, you are fully compliant with the ethical rules where you practice as well as applicable email anti-spam laws.

Millions of people recognize tax attorney Roni Deutch as The Tax Lady

8 Salon and Spa Marketing Tips That Will Attract A Surge Of New Clients

Novato, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2008

Brian and Angie Maroevich, salon owners and marketing consultants, just completed a new marketing ‘mini course’ for salon and spa owners called, “8 Salon And Spa Marketing Tips Guaranteed To Attract A Stampede Of New Clients.” This free marketing course will help salon and spa owners discover new ways of looking at their current marketing strategies and improve upon current ones to achieve measurable results in client acquisition.

Studies show that if clients and prospective clients are not contacted at least once per month they will either forget about the business they originally frequented or choose another competitor. For every month you do not contact a current customer or prospect you lost 10% of your influence over them. Over the course of one year without contact you become the equivalent of a complete stranger.

What is the solution?

The answer is to put a marketing system in place.

A marketing system is basically where a salon or spa owner plans ahead and puts a procedure in place for various promotions to be implemented on specific dates. This way they know what marketing piece and/or promotion is going out on what date, and they have it planned out at least 6 months in advance. This way the salon and spa owner is not playing catch-up all the time.

It is recommended that a salon and spa owner use a combination of media when communicating with customers and prospects. For example, communication through e-mail, direct mail, and the telephone are just three ways to get a salon or spa name in front of prospective clients.

However, sticking with one form of communication will dilute ones marketing efforts, especially if e-mail is used. E-mail is not as personal as direct mail and telephone contact, and spam filters will only allow a certain percentage of the messages to get through.

Most salon ans spa owners are too busy working in their salon to begin and maintain a marketing system, but it’s one of the most important parts of growing a business.

Here’s how to solve that problem. Create a marketing calendar that lists all of the marketing strategies that need to be implemented and set a deadline date. In addition, create small goals each day or week to build upon each marketing strategy so that it is ready to launch on the deadline date that is set.

A systematized approach to salon and spa marketing will produce measurable results. The bottom line is if a salon or spa owner does not ‘touch’ a client or prospective client frequently they will spend their money and send their referrals elsewhere.

To get a free mini course called, “8 Salon And Spa Marketing Tips Guaranteed To Attract A Stampede Of New Clients” go to http://www.RenegadeSalonMarketing.com. For additional information on Renegade Salon Marketing Tools Vol. 1 contact Brian Maroevich or visit http://www.RenegadeSalonMarketing.com.

About Brian and Angie Maroevich:

Brian and Angie Maroevich are salon owners and marketing consultants that specializes in the salon and spa industry. Renegade Salon Marketing Tools Vol. 1 is his newest product which reveals proven marketing strategies that will boost response to your marketing efforts and grow your business faster than ever.


Brian Maroevich




Top 5 Email Deliverability Tips for 2009

Boulder, CO and Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) January 7, 2009

As the new year quickly rushes to meet us, email senders will find it harder and harder to get some of their legitimate email delivered to the inbox, says the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP).

“Legitimate email senders will find that their email needs to run an increasingly sophisticated gamut of spam filters, content analyzers, and URL blacklists in order to get their email delivered to the inbox rather than being put into the junk folder,” explains Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of the Institute.

“Some of it the senders have no control over, but much of it they do,” added Mitchell. “Whenever somebody clicks ‘this is spam’ on your email, it increases the odds that their ISP will start delivering your email directly to the junk folder. By focusing your email so that people are less likely to click ‘this is spam’, you can protect against junk folder redirection.”

ISIPP offers the following five tips to help email senders increase their email delivery to the inbox, and to reduce the instances of email erroneously going to the junk folder:

1. Make sure that you only send email to people who really want it. Don’t prospect or “cold call” by email. If you send email to people who don’t want it, or aren’t expecting it, they will mark your email as spam.

2. Use a subject line for your email that not only doesn’t sound spammy, but communicates clearly what the email is about.

3. Minimize the number of links that are in your email, as well as the amount of HTML and graphics. The more real text you have compared to these other elements, the better your email deliverability is likely to be.

4. Make it very easy for the user to opt out of your mailings. Users have very short attention spans, and very high frustration flash points when it comes to email. If they can’t figure out how to unsubscribe from your mailings within a few seconds, they will just hit “this is spam” instead.

5. Take care to set appropriate expectations regarding the content of your email, and how often your users will receive it, and then meet those expectations. If you send too much too often, or if the content isn’t what they are expecting, your recipients are likely to mark it as spam. Conversely, if you send so infrequently that they forget that they signed up for your email, the same thing will happen.

As we ring in 2009, and with the economy on shaky ground, it’s more critical than ever to make every business email message count, and to ensure that the message gets delivered. By following these five simple measures, legitimate email senders can help to ward off junk-foldering of the email they send, and in some cases can even rehabilitate their email’s reputation and email deliverability with no outside help.

About ISIPP SuretyMail

The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) develops and consults on Internet policies to both the public and private sector. ISIPP’s SuretyMail email deliverability and accreditation service helps to ensure that legitimate email is delivered to the inbox, and not the junk folder. Available to all legitimate email senders, and requiring no email bypass or rerouting, SuretyMail currently helps more than 2 billion emails get delivered to the inbox every month. For more information see http://www.ISIPP.com/


FuelNet.com Offers 6 Tips for Making Your Email Marketing Stand Out

Boston (PRWEB) January 22, 2009

While email is fast becoming the marketing channel of choice for most growing businesses, concerns remain. In an effort to reduce stuffed in-boxes, consumers are increasingly using spam filters that block even the most legitimate email marketing, and JupiterResearch reports that 17 percent of Americans change email addresses every six months. But there are proven ways to make your message resonate with a target audience. FuelNet.com, a Web site designed to help small and midsize companies grow their business, offers these six tips:


DynaSis Warns of Fake Anti-Virus Software, Releases Prevention Tips

Roswell, GA (PRWEB) February 19, 2010

DynaSis, an IT services company serving small and midsized businesses in Atlanta, is warning its clients of an increase in the use of fake anti-virus software as a form of malware attack. In response to this growing trend, DynaSis today released a list of prevention tips and methods of spotting a rogue antivirus program.

Use of fake anti-virus, anti-spyware software is a fast-growing scam, especially as more people become aware of the dangers of spyware, adware and malware. Fake antivirus programs, or scareware, are very common and provide a way for scammers to make easy money. The scammers prey on the fears of Web surfers who are misled into believing their systems are infected and then pay, typically, $ 50 for a program that not only doesn’t protect their computers, but often turns out to be malicious. By following the tips DynaSis provides, however, users will be better protected from becoming the victim of scammers, identity thieves and hackers.

Brad Bromelow, Vice President of Operations for DynaSis said, We need to tell users how to avoid being socially engineered into installing malware. This type of attack is very prevalent, as weve seen more attacks than ever over the past 3-6 months. Educating our client base is the best defense. These prevention tips will help alleviate the headaches associated with fake-antivirus attacks.

Some of the major antivirus companies have even seen their websites spoofed over the last couple of months. In many respects, this is as much an attack on the security community as it is on end users.

Some general security practices to avoid malware attacks include not opening attachments from unknown senders, changing passwords regularly, and using additional measures such as firewalls or anti-spam software. The complete list of prevention tips for fake antivirus attacks along with a common list of fake software can be found online by visiting http://www.dynasis.com/prevention

DynaSis is a managed IT service provider servicing small and medium sized businesses in the Atlanta area since 1992. DynaSis specializes in managed IT service plans, managed hosting and professional equipment installation. For more information about DynaSis visit http://www.dynasis.com


EmailBlastFlyer.com Offers Timely and Helpful Tips for Direct Email Marketing


EmailBlastFlyer.com has offered custom designed flyers with email marketing management since 2005. Starting out as a simple opt-in address gathering option for web sites, EmailBlastFlyer.com has greatly expanded its services to include stand-alone custom designed email blast flyers with email marketing management, custom designed URL web link pages (information gathering forms, download document design, discount coupon design, flash presentation, video linking, etc.), html-only flyers and consultation. EmailBlastFlyer.com is now offering timely and helpful tips for direct email marketing.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests creating an email address list through networking, point of sale email gathering and strongly promoting web site opt-in subscriptions.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests investing in a custom designed flyer. A custom designed flyer that represents the company well and delivers a clear and relevant message is less likely to be unsubscribed (opt-out) by the recipient.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests that the time of day and frequency of sending each email blast flyer depends on the type of business and message. Tracking how many emails opened helps with this determination.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests using email management that tracks how many recipients visit every URL web link. Good email management also gathers the specific email addresses of the recipients who clicked most URL web links.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests using features like ‘View Flyer Online’, ‘Send-to-Friend’, and providing Safelist Instructions which help the recipient add the sender’s email address to their email browser inbox folder. These features help recipients to see the flyer and also pass it along to someone else that might be interested in what the flyer says.

In the same light, EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests sending email blast flyers in multi-part formats so that the flyer is received by both recipients who accept html-only formatted email or text-only formatted emails.

EmailBlastflyer.com suggests sending html-only flyers to clubs or companies that will verify they install an unsubscribe option for their email address list and update the list. Real estate organizations do this through membership profile page options. Marketing companies do this by returning stats showing how many email addresses the flyer was delivered to, how many flyers arrived and how many flyers were opened. If you are not provided with stats on how many recipients clicked on the URL web links, it will be difficult to have a detailed profile of the recipient’s interests.

EmailBlastFlyer.com does not suggest sending email flyers without an unsubscribe option method put into place along with a timely way to update the email address list when an email address is unsubscribed.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests segmenting an email address list when a specific message is going to apply to only a portion of the entire email address list. This is good for targeting specific geographic areas, for instance.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests blasting your email flyers from a bulk host server rather than an email server or web host server. A bulk host server is compliant with the ever-changing requirements of the many Internet Service Providers such a Google, AOL, MSN-Live-Bing, Yahoo, Earthlink and many others. Using a bulk host server insures a higher email flyer delivery rate by getting past the many spam filters. EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests asking for the Spam-Assassin report for your email flyer before it gets sent.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests using an email marketing service to send your flyers safely. Most companies can send hundreds of thousands of email flyers per hour as compared to the hours it takes to send email messages to “undisclosed-recipients” from an individual’s internet provider’s mail server.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests using URL web links to your social networking, RSS feeds, videos, more photos or information specific to the flyer, forms, discount coupons, relevant web sites, and making sure each link is tracked.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests using an automatic responder system when gathering email addresses from the opted-in subscription feature on a web site page.

For first time email address lists that need to be verified, EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests sending an email flyer out asking them to verify if they want to receive more emails from you. We suggest to still advertise your message, but to include the verification. After the list is established, segment it apart from any future first time email addresses and just use the normal unsubscribe option at the bottom of each flyer. Asking a repeat recipient over and over if they want to continue receiving emails from you may have a negative response.

EmailBlastFlyer.com suggests not using companies that piggy-back their advertising on your email address list, unless they give you a discount rate to send your flyer to your recipients. The email blast flyer is about you, not the third party that is delivering your message.

Isabel Smith has offered the custom email blast flyer design and email management service (http://www.emailblastflyer.com) since 2005 and has based her views on experience. Experience means walking in the her client’s shoes and coming up with ideas through design to help meet her client’s goals. She has been in web design since 1996 and graphic design since 1978 (http://www.isabelsmith.com). She’s been an artist all her life (http://izziartonline.com and http://www.countitalljoy.us). Her main goal is to tie design and marketing projects into affordable and effective packages. Isabel says, “I love what I do because I get great satisfaction from the actual creation of design and asking myself ‘what comes next.’ I want to share this skill by helping others advertise. EmailBlastFlyer.com started as an answer to what-came-next in web site design. The service provides interaction between companies and the individual through email delivery and has expanded to meet a lot of specific circumstances. The benefits to my clients are my skill set, my ability to interpret client need into design, and my respect to my client, to give the best work possible within their budget.” Free consultation (850) 2447353 or email studio(at)isabelsmith(dot)com