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Affant Communication, Inc. stops MyDoom E-mail Virus in its tracks.

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2004

Affant Communication security experts issued a report this week indicating that the AffantASAV (Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus) Solution stopped 100% of the MyDoom Worm from entering customer production networks.

The AffantASAV Statistics indicate that approximately 40% of the e-mails attempting to enter its customer networks were infected. AffantASAV stripped all virus infected e-mails before entering the customer production networks sparing internal resources.

The report also details that of the total e-mails processed, 38% were tagged as SPAM and also blocked from entering the customer production networks.

Based on the reports, a mere 20% of business e-mail received is considered legitimate as all SPAM and Virus infected e-mails are stripped before entering the customer network allowing e-mail systems to operate at maximum performance.

Established in 1995, Affant Communication, Inc. is a privately held company with the leading authority on security focused managed business communication solutions. Affant Communication engineering staff support client locations around the clock and worldwide.


Users deserve protection not blame for email virus propagation!

(PRWEB) February 28, 2004

The recent MyDoom, Novarg and Netsky viruses have wreaked havoc to computer systems world wide.

Feedback from this weeks RSA Security conference in San Francisco sees the industry passing the blame for infection and propagation of these viruses onto the users who are “to thick to cope with viruses”.

Email security specialists avecho.com believe that these accusations are outrageous and simply a smoke screen put up by the AV vendors who are failing in their duty to provide the protection that their customers are paying for.

Security companies should be providing fool-proof systems to combat these issues, users are human and therefore fallible. Anti-virus products should be robust and protect the user by giving them the confidence of not having to worry whether they have opened a dangerous email by mistake.

Nick Scales, CEO of avecho.com said, ‘None of our customers will receive or send MyDoom, Novarg or any other virus, worm, Trojan or exploit. There seems to be a new virus scare every week but we provide a complete worry free email service that includes protection from all malware.’

‘You can’t blame people for opening their emails, or expect IT administrators to keep downloading patches. The way to address this issue is to stop the emails before they enter the system.’

avecho.com has protected all of its customers from all of the latest viruses. The emails have been stopped by ThreatCENSOR which prevents all exploits, viruses, worms and Trojans from penetrating a company’s email system.

About avecho.com

avecho.com provides a complete worry-free email service including email recovery and legal compliance as well as industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus from £1.00 per mailbox per month. Secure email is accessible from any location via webmail and is stored in a private searchable archive for seven years to comply with legal auditory requirements.

Available in Europe, US and the Middle East avecho.com is licensed by pioneering security technology company avecho which produces anti-virus engine GlassWALL guaranteeing 100% protection from all malware.

Full details of avecho products and services can be found at http://www.avecho.comContact Chris Dye on 44 1206 247161. Email pr@avecho.comavecho are available for out of hours and weekend interviews on 07733 228092

E-Mail Service Filters Microsoft Outlook Virus Vulnerabilities and Spam

Glenview, IL (PRWEB) April 16, 2004

Most of the popular mailserver virus scanners won’t be able catch new viruses in the near future. You may spend $ 10,000 on a virus scanner, only to find out that it lets viruses through unscanned.

A vulnerability is a security flaw in a program. You may have heard about some of the more common mail client vulnerabilities, such as the Outlook “MIME Headers” vulnerability (where a virus can be run automatically with certain versions of Outlook). While these are bad, a standard mail-server virus scanner will catch viruses that exploit these vulnerabilities.

However, there is another serious type of vulnerability that has recently been discovered: mail server vulnerabilities that allow viruses to bypass mailserver virus scanners! For example, the “Outlook ‘MIME segment in MIME preamble’ vulnerability causes Outlook to see viruses that don’t actually exist in an email. In this case, a mail client (or mailserver virus scanner) that properly decodes the email will not see an attachment. However, Outlook will incorrectly see an attachment.

When a virus uses this type of vulnerability, it will bypass a standard mail-server virus scanner, and get delivered to the recipient! That’s why you should use ActivatorMail: it detects these vulnerabilities! ActivatorMail will be able to catch new viruses that use the vulnerabilities, where standard mailserver virus scanners won’t be able to. Do you really want to buy a mailserver virus scanner that can’t catch new viruses? Now you can just use ActivatorMail filtering instead.

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New Email Management Solution Uncovers Security Liabilities Worse Than Spam and Virus

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2004

Waterford Technologies, Inc., the only provider of Intelligent Email Management solutions, today introduced MailMeter MBA (Mail Box Analysis), an advanced email analysis and reporting software that improves organizational performance. MailMeter MBA makes it easier than ever for IT managers to understand how employees create and use email by reporting on email volumes, sender information, folder names, attachment types, email aging, and more with a drill-down, visual representation of the data. Even if all email spam were blocked, internally created emails can contain copyrighted music and video files, trade secrets, harassment evidence, and other inappropriate content. Spam and viruses are serious nuisances, but these email-based threats can put a company out of business.

“Many employees use their email as a file storage system and simply never delete emails or outdated attachments. At the organizational level, this translates into extra storage costs, migration nightmares, archiving complexities and serious legal liabilities for the company,” said Lorcan Kennedy, CTO, Waterford Technologies. “MailMeter MBA can help the IT department truly measure to what degree email policies are being broken. By simply identifying the worst offenders, many organizations can immediately improve system performance by reducing email storage and bandwidth by up to 40 percent.”

Because no other products provide such a complete view of both the high-level trends and the detailed contextual information that gives it meaning, most IT departments cannot uncover the risks, bottlenecks and policy breaches in their system. In fact, most IT departments have no idea such knowledge can be pulled from their email store. What they don’t know can eventually come back to hurt their business. However, within a day of installing this new email management solution, MailMeter MBA customers have:

·Identified a person in their company with hundreds of illegal copies of music and movie files. He was disciplined and the email policy was revised.

·Eliminated 10 GB of sound files that were more than a year old.

·Identified a person in their company with over 33,000 unopened emails in her inbox folder.

·Identified a departmental sales email account with 300 unread emails less than three months old. There were qualified leads and potential revenue in this account.

·Identified a service department email where the emails were unopened for the most recent three weeks. It was discovered that the person in charge of answering customer queries had left the company three weeks ago.

As email volumes continue to skyrocket, organizations are quickly realizing the benefits of actively managing their email storage and usage. MailMeter MBA has set a new standard for email storage analysis with web-based reports on mail box activity, suspicious attachment types, and employee usage patterns. With its comprehensive email analytics displayed in easy-to-read online reports with point-and-click column sorting, administrators have the power to quickly drill-down into the details of their email database by simply browsing from the overview report. With column sorting, the most active, most interesting or most suspicious activities become immediately apparent and administrators simply continue clicking down the layers to get the full story. For example, the overview report automatically classifies suspicious files such as MP3s, and .exe files in the system. By simply drilling down, it can display which employees have the most of these files in their account, in which folder, and how long they have been there.

For organizations that are migrating to MS Exchange 2003, MailMeter MBA is an ideal resource for assisting with accurate planning. Kennedy continues, “MailMeter MBA delivers high impact reports so your migration team sees the ‘real story’ for planning and resource requirements. They will be able to determine which users can be grouped together, which mailboxes to purge, which users need ‘housekeeping assistance’, and what total server impact can be expected. We are confident that MailMeter MBA will provide customers with immediate visibility of how they can better use their email resources.”

MailMeter MBA allows organizations to understand what’s in their email system like never before and to make management and policy changes to improve business performance.

About MailMeter

The MailMeter product family includes MailMeter MBA, MailMeter Insight and MailMeter Forensic. MailMeter MBA is an email storage and reporting solution that provides full mailbox reporting, attachment risk classification and overall usage statistics for IT managers. MailMeter Insight is an advanced email management and reporting solution that provides department managers with never-before-seen intelligence into email activity and usage patterns to be better aware of how effectively email is used, or where it may be a risk to the organization. MailMeter Forensic is a high-end investigative solution for companies that want to preserve a digitally-stamped email archive for easy retrieval for evidentiary discovery or for a qualitative and contextual analysis of email usage for policy and regulatory compliance.

About Waterford Technologies, Inc.

Waterford Technologies is a privately-held software company based in Waterford, Ireland with U.S. operations in Irvine, California. Waterford Technologies is the leading provider of intelligent email management solutions that allows organizations to become aware of their employees’ use of email, to analyze the data, and to take appropriate action to improve and enforce policies for immediate results. Existing customers typically find immediate annual savings of more than $ 1,000 per employee.

With more than 4,000 customers globally, Waterford Technologies, Inc. provides other related products such as robust small business email servers, anti-virus and anti-spam software, and network fax software.

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Waterford Technologies, MailMeter, MailMeter MBA, MailMeter Insight, and MailMeter Forensic are trademarks of Waterford Technologies, Inc. All other company names and product names are trademarks of their respective organizations.


(PRWEB) October 31, 2002

USA Freedom Online a patriotic Internet service provider, built upon an ethical foundation of freedom, liberty, honor and family values has launched its service nationally.

The service prides itself in offering pornographic free Internet service with additional programs designed to filter unwanted information, thus reducing SPAM and assuring that our children will not view inappropriate subject matter. The subject offering is comprehensive with extensive information on homeland defense and emergency preparedness. Subscribers are notified via e-mail of potential or actual terrorist activities. Thus, USA Freedom Online offers benefits and features to the subscriber not available in any other service. The service is $ 19.95 a month which includes unlimited nationwide access including Canada, Customizable Filtering with Porn-Free Surfing, 10MB of Personal Web Space, 10 e-mail Addressesbwith Virus and Spam Filtering, 24/7 Toll Free Support.

An agreement has been signed with American Freedom Network for USA Freedom Online to become an affiliate. AFN utilizes a mixture of broadcasting methods, i.e. AM radio, short wave, satellite and Internet

Mr. Thomas C. Graver, Sr., CEO of Freedom Online can be reqached at freedomonline@snet.net. for intereviews. Visit the site http://www.usafreedomonline.com

Excedent Customers Protected From the Sobig.F Virus

Vienna, Virginia (PRWEB) August 29, 2003 -

virus and Spam filtering solutions, today announced that it has successfully defended its customers from the latest epidemic of computer viruses and worms that have wreaked havoc across the Internet in the last two weeks. The most notable virus outbreak, a new variant of Sobig, known as Sobig.F, was first discovered on August 19, 2003, and has since become the most widespread virus in history.

“At some points during business hours in the last week, more than one out of every 10 emails sent to our system was infected by the Sobig.F virus,” commented Bill Boebel, Chief Technology Officer for Excedent. “During non-business hours, that number grew to almost one in three. This is by far the largest infection I have seen and it seems like it might worsen before it gets better.”

Excedent works with industry leaders to protect customers from harmful viruses and the company was able to immediately quarantine emails containing Sobig.F. “Our virus scanners update hourly and our partners push instant updates into our system as viruses are detected and protection becomes available. This allows us to stay on top of the latest threats and provide our customers with a superior level of protection,” stated Boebel.

“The real challenge with Sobig.F was the fact that the virus was so widespread that our customers initially were becoming bogged down with our virus notification emails,” explained Patrick Matthews, Chief Executive Officer at Excedent. “Inboxes literally began filling up faster than customers could make the proper deletions. We made the quick decision to turn off notifications for the Sobig.F virus to prevent what would have essentially turned into the equivalent of a Denial of Service attack.”

Excedent provides small businesses and service providers with hosted email accounts protected from computer viruses, junk email and other nuisances spread through email. The company employs server side virus protection in order to prevent viruses from reaching customer inboxes.

About Excedent Technologies

Excedent Technologies is a global leader in outsourced business email hosting solutions. The company provides small businesses and service providers with secure, reliable, Spam-free, Virus-free email. Excedent manages and maintains this critical communication infrastructure, freeing up valuable personnel resources and eliminating the need for customers to purchase email-related software, hardware or additional bandwidth.

The company is privately held and serves more than 1,000 customers worldwide. For more information on Excedent’s small business email hosting plans, please visit http://www.webmail.us.

For more information on service provider and enterprise email solutions, please visit http://www.excedent.com or call 866.EXCEDENT (392.3336).

Cobion all-in-one e-mail security solution adds Sophos virus detection to its arsenal to protect companies’ networks

London, Lynnfield, (PRWEB) September 18, 2003 -in-one e-

mail security product, protecting all incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic and filtering spam. OrangeBox Mail 2.0 can use multiple anti-virus engines, e.g. Symantec or McAfee, which are also optional.

Integration with Sophos’s virus detection technology will expand OrangeBox Mail’s anti-virus defences, giving users the option to choose their virus-scanning engine. This development allows Cobion users to benefit from Sophos’s award-winning anti-virus technology, which has won awards from various IT magazines.

Anti-virus scanning at the Internet gateway provides a strong layer of additional protection. Most companies have anti-virus protection installed on their workstation, but adding gateway scanning provides a proactive first-line defence against virus infections. Gateway protection helps ensure network security by keeping viruses from reaching e-mail or file servers in the network.

Sophos’ virus detection engine will integrate seamlessly with OrangeBox Mail 2.0 software and will check all incoming, outgoing and internal mail for viruses before it is forwarded to the user’s mailbox. Files containing viruses will be refused and quarantined without ever being run. Detected spam is diverted into a separate spam folder, which can be automatically deleted after a defined time period. Based on advanced technology, OrangeBox Mail 2.0 reduces virus infections, simplifies and automates updating, and eases administration.

“Today, e-mail is one of the most prolific methods for spreading viruses. The corporate sector is hit especially hard by viruses, annually suffering significant losses that include more than just material damage,” noted Richard Baldry, Sophos Head of Strategic Alliances. “For this reason, full-scale security for all IT-infrastructure elements is crucial for businesses to function reliably. Working with Cobion means that we can contribute to the high level of virus protection received by OrangeBox users.”

“The unique characteristics of the Sophos virus detection engine successfully add to the functionality of our product and allow us to provide our customers with the highest possible level of protection against viruses”, said René Seeber, Cobion Chief Technology Officer. “Also, the reasonable pricing of this module makes it affordable to have an additional anti-virus Plug-In. Another major factor in our decision to use the product was Sophos’s reputation for first-rate customer support.”

Pricing and availability

Cobion OrangeBox Mail 2.0 pricing starts at Euro 1.190 for 25 users and is highly cost-effective: a 1000-user licence costs Euro 11.200, for example.

More information about Cobion OrangeBox Mail 2.0 and a trial version can be found at http://www.cobion.com.

Information about Sophos can be found at http://www.sophos.com.

Cobion Software’s Orangebox Mail 2.0 provides gateway solutions for anti-virus scanning. It is capable of integrating with multiple high-performance virus scanning products.


About Sophos

Sophos is one of the world’s largest specialist developers of anti-virus software. Headquartered in the UK, its products are sold and supported through a global network of subsidiaries and partners in more than 150 countries. Sophos solutions are specifically designed to protect businesses and organisations from virus attack. The company’s products are widely deployed by large corporations, banks and governments. For further information, please visit http://www.sophos.com.

About Cobion

Founded in 1997, Cobion’s mission is to keep inappropriate, illegal, or confidential information from entering or leaving organizations through the Web and e-mail. Cobion develops the OrangeBox Web (Web filter), OrangeBox Mail (e-mail and spam filter) and OrangeBox LAN (intranet filter) security products and distributes to customers worldwide to facilitate more productive Internet usage, reduced liability, and intellectual property protection. Cobion enables Internet Service Providers to provide content filtering to home and business subscribers. Manufacturers of firewalls, Web caches, proxies, routers, and other gateways integrate Cobion’s Web filter and/or anti-spam technology with their software or hardware products. Cobion’s filtering database of over 20 million pre-categorized URLs-the largest and most accurate in the world-is available as a Web service as well as for download to local servers. Cobion is headquartered in the UK, Germany and Boston, USA.

Please visit Cobion`s Web site at http://www.cobion.com.

For more information please contact:


Richard Baldry

Head of Strategic Alliances

+44(0)1235 559933


Advance Communication Technologies Announces the Launch of the First Compact Flash Based Anti Spam and Virus Network Security Appliance

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) December 6, 2004

Advance Communication Technologies announced today the launch of the ThwartSpam line of anti spam and virus network appliances engineered for organizations that are experiencing a decline in employee productivity attributed to increased time spent dealing with unwanted junk email.

The ThwartSpam EMSF-1 is the first anti spam and virus network appliance to integrate bootable compact flash based technology for its primary file system, increasing system reliability. The ThwartSpam solution provides a secure defence against spam and virus laden email.

EMSF-1 incorporates the best of breed open source technologies including denial of service protection and Bayesian analysis to provide a proven, effective and flexible solution to the ever-changing tricks Spammers devise to deliver unwanted email.

James Laing, President of Advance Communication Technologies says “Eliminating spam is critical to small and medium sized organizations ability to reduce costs and increase productivity.” The ThwartSpam line is designed as an inexpensive flexible solution that can be quickly incorporated into an existing network through an intuitive and easy to use web interface requiring near zero administrative overhead.

In addition to the standard “Tag and Deliver” and “Quarantine” modes of operation, the ThwartSpam line of appliances offers a “Challenge-Response” mode. In this mode the system rejects spam messages and responds to the sender with instructions, based on your organizations corporate policy, outlining procedures necessary to get their email delivered.

James notes, “Challenge-Response mode is quite effective, Spammers rarely provide valid return addresses, let alone take the time to undergo the verification process.”

EMSF-1 is a cost effective solution for small to medium sized organizations with as few as 5 to as many as 100 employees. ThwartSpam EMSF-1 retails at $ 1395 (US).

Advance Communication Technologies was founded in 1996 to provide consulting services in the Information Communications Technologies sector. Their preferred approach is the fusing of open source back-end technologies with Windows based front-end technologies, resulting in stable and cost effective solutions for their clients,.

For more information visit the ThwartSpam website http://www.thwartspam.com, or contact James Laing, Advance Communication Technologies at Tel (613) 276-3184.



(PRWEB) September 20, 2003


Patrick Huber

HGL Technologies

a division of HydroGeoLogic, Inc.




Government Agencies Can Now Easily Leverage MX Logic’s Services;

MX Logic Added to HydroGeoLogic’s (HGL) GSA IT Schedule-70

DENVER, CO (PRWEB) September 18 2003-– MX Logic, a provider of advanced email protection and security services including SPAM and virus filtering, today announced that MX Logic’s services will be available to federal, state and local government agencies through the General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule-70 of HydroGeoLogic, Inc. (HGL), a technology and environmental engineering firm. Under this agreement, HGL will offer MX Logic’s premier email protection and security services to all government agencies.

“Government agencies are highly concerned with fighting the deluge of spam, while protecting their network from viruses and other costly e-mail threats,” said Patrick Huber, Director of IT Services for HGL Technologies, the IT division of HydroGeoLogic, Inc.. “After conducting extensive market research on email protection services for our own e-mail system, we became an MX Logic customer. We quickly realized MX Logic provides the most effective service for blocking spam and other e-mail threats. Because of the exceptional experience we continue to have with this service, we’ve added MX Logic to our GSA IT schedule. Through this partnership, MX Logic’s service can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively procured by government organizations.”

MX Logic’s Email Defense Service safeguards enterprises, service providers and government organizations from spam, viruses, worms, malicious content, and other harmful email threats. By providing around-the-clock email protection, MX Logic automatically intercepts, analyzes and blocks malicious and unsolicited messages at the network perimeter—before they can enter the internal network. Saving bandwidth, storage space, and time.

MX Logic’s comprehensive service provides highly accurate spam detection, filtering up to 98.5 percent of spam with an industry-leading low false positive rate (legitimate email marked as spam). MX Logic’s Stacked Classification Framework, its patent-pending multi-layered spam detection system, leverages a combination of unique methods and “voting” analysis to identify unwanted content. The aggregation of these different techniques enables MX Logic to take advantage of each spam filter’s strengths to provide highly effective spam detection.

MX Logic’s Control Console provides a centralized policy and reporting platform that enables customers to automatically implement and enforce their corporate email rules and gives them one interface for managing and reporting on all email traffic. As part of this process, customers can determine their quarantine management requirements, including whether their IT department or their end-users, or both, manage the quarantined email. If the customer opts for end-user management, MX Logic sends a “Spam Quarantine Report” to the end-users’ email inbox. Via this email report, the end-user can simply and quickly delete, forward, whitelist and/or blacklist their quarantined email.

About MX Logic

MX Logic, Inc’s. service is developed by MX Logic technologists who have built and managed some of the world’s largest messaging infrastructures, MX Logic’s around-the-clock services enable IT resources to focus on their strategic business initiatives instead of spam and email threat management. MX Logic, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has more than 500 enterprise and service provider customers. For more information, visit http://www.mxlogic.com.

About HydroGeoLogic, Inc.

HydroGeoLogic, an SBA-certified small business, is an innovative technology and environmental engineering firm. Founded in 1987, the firm provides advanced services in the area of Information Technology; Computer Modeling and Simulations; Program Management Support; Environmental Forensics; Litigation Support; Remediation, and A/E. With headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, and 17 satellite offices throughout the country, the company employs a staff of 200. For additional information, visit the company’s web site at http://www.hgl.com.


Securence Internet Filtering, Anti Spam & Anti Virus Software Services Relaunched as SecurenceWeb and SecurenceMail

Minnetonka, MN (PRWEB) December 9, 2004

http://www.securence.com – Securence, Inc., a leading anti spam, anti virus software and Internet filtering service provider has announced the relaunch of the Company’s Website at http://www.securence.com in a move to rebrand its suite of Internet filtering services for businesses and consumers into two separate yet complementary offerings: SecurenceMail and SecurenceWeb. The services were formerly known as MessageXchange.

SecurenceMail, the Company’s rebranded anti spam and anti virus software, guarantees 99.99% availability, has the lowest false positive rating in the industry, and is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, including Coldwell Banker, ShopNBC, TCF Banks, Kemps Foods, Re/Max International, ERA Real Estate, Mesaba Airlines, Jostens, Century21, Malt-O-Meal Corporation, and Interstate Companies.

“What sets Securence anti spam and anti virus services apart from the competition is our signature profile matching technology,” says Joe Caldwell, President of Securence. “We deploy a DNA matching of sorts that is extremely adaptive to the ever-changing spam message environment, capturing all non-text image files and other obfuscation techniques. Our sophisticated network of spam traps along with other ID layers typically block 98% of all inbound spam with zero false positives produced. What’s more, Securence typically strips out 88% of our customer’s total in-bound email right off the top. The remaining 12% is clean and virus-free.”

Added Caldwell, “These overall results place Securence among the top performing, enterprise-level anti spam and anti virus solutions in the world. While many of our competitors claim to have the best overall results, we can prove it.” Clients can choose from three solutions: remote gateway, on-site appliance, or a dedicated managed server.

The Company’s Internet filtering service, now branded as SecurenceWeb, provides organizations with the most advanced Web filtering technology available. SecurenceWeb goes above and beyond the traditional methodology of allow/disallow URL lists and keyword-blocking filters to obstruct unwanted Web content. Instead, Securence deploys a highly sophisticated combatant that functions more like a dynamic filtering technology mechanism. This active filtering technology solution offers a full range of performance restrictions according to user, group, IP, and machine address, time-based rules, warnings, and complete blocking of Web sites.

“Internet filtering enables companies to arrange and manage internet access across the entire organization,” said Caldwell. “With the right solution in place, employers can increase employee operational efficiencies, reduce legal liability, and minimize network bandwidth drain. With SecurenceWeb, this outcome is more likely.”

Businesses and consumers can order Securence anti spam, anti virus, and Internet filtering services by calling toll-free at 1-866-200-9013 or by contacting via email at sales@securence.com.

About Securence

Securence is a leading provider of anti spam software, anti virus software, and Internet filtering services that include email protection and security services for small business, enterprises, educational, and government institutions worldwide. The Company’s unique solutions help protect companies and their employees by scanning email and eliminating threats, such as viruses, worms, malicious content and attachments, and other junk mail before reaching the end user. Securence provides real-time protection from the latest email threats through the use of cutting-edge filtering technology and 24/7 monitoring – all backed by world-class customer service. Securence can be implemented immediately and requires no integration, migration, or upfront costs. Based in Minneapolis, Securence is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Internet Corp., a premier, full-service application service provider.

Media Contact:

Bill Reimann, 952-253-3219


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